Student Queries # IELTS

When you have dreams, you also have questions, doubts and queries. Let us look at some of the questions asked by students frequently –

  1. Can I write in capital letter in the essay? Yes, you can. The rule changed a few time back and now it is perfectly fine to write essays in capital letters.
  2. Is writing task 2 same for both academic and general? Yes, they are, however you are checked on different things in  both cases.
  3. Do plural and singular form mistakes matter? Yes, they do. The examiner is there to check you on every correct and wrong thing you do. There are no big , small or medium mistakes. They are mistakes and that is it.
  4. Should I write numbers or figures in my writing task? You must write the figure, i.e. nine instead of 9, in the writing task. However, you can write the numeral in other tasks.
  5. Does accent matter? No it does not. You are being checked on your clarity and pronunciation and not accent.

So, go and give IELTS your best shot. Make sure you avoid silly mistakes, as they lead you nowhere except in trouble. Also, getting high band in IELTS is more about doing right things often than ignoring wrong things.


IELTS Letter Tips

Getting a high band in IELTS is not just about knowing the right English, it is more than that. Let us have a look at what it is about –

  1. Answer The Entire Question Properly- Each IELTS letter consist of three parts, three bullets and you need to make sure that you have answer all the points completely in order to score well. Leaving any of the points, you can get penalized for task response. Also make sure that you elaborate on each of the point, this may mean you need to write more about one topic and less about another.
  2. Think About The Type Of Letter- There are four kinds of letters that can be asked in IELTS, and your response to it depends on the type of letter it is. So, if you are writing to a friend, you need to be a little more informal, but if writing to your head or some other authority, you need to be formal.
  3. Use Varied Grammar – There is a score in IELTS for writing varied form of grammar sentences, so no matter you are writing to a friend, make sure you use variety of grammar sentences.
  4. Plan It Right –  It is a good idea to know how you are going to write a letter, what you are going to write, how you are going to end it. So, get the answers to the above questions, before you start writing the letter.
  5. Word Limit- This is the most important thing, no matter how great your letter is, if it falls short of the work limit, even by a single word, you are going to lose marks and that is for sure.
  6. Punctuation And Spellings – It is always a good idea to use punctuation marks, but make sure that it is used correctly, also make sure that the spelling is right. You do lose marks on wrong spellings.


Pen Pal # Letter for IELTS

You are writing to your pen pal, for the first time. Describe your previous studies and work experience, your current activities, hobbies and interests.

Tell your pen pal that you will be visiting him/her.

  • You should write at least 150 words.
  • You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Dear Avinash,

Hi! I am Anmol and got your address from the international pen pals and am very excited to write to you.

I am currently working with BBC over a documentary they are making, that includes travelling around the world and meeting different people. The work is exciting and always keeps on toes. Meeting so many people, the realization has come that we all are so much similar and yet so different.

Before this, there is a university course on Fiction writing in Cambridge that helped me reach here. It was so much fun and different from the kind of courses one does in India, our country.

Presently, I am doing scuba diving, hill climbing, swimming, jogging, anything and everything under roof. On 3rd of December, I will be in Delhi and thought it would be nice if you could show me around and celebrate your birthday.

I am eagerly waiting for your reply and know about you and hope that we can become good friends.

With love,




Marriage Wishes # Letter For IELTS

One of your friends recently got married, but you missed it and forgot to tell your friend that you couldn’t attend. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

  • apologies for missing the marriage.
  • explain why you missed it and why you could not tell it to your friend.


Dear Avinash,

I hope you are fine and having fun in your new life. It must be new beginning and living a life with someone you loved, nothing more could be wished for.

Knowing the person you are, you must have read the above lines in fist anger, and all I can say is I am really sorry for missing the most important day of your life and more importantly, moving out unannounced.

You remember, the dream I told you about, going on a world tour and writing all about it, it has come true. I have been three months into it and had not a minute to myself, so could not even write you earlier. Presently, my stay is at Sydney for seven days and then the journey will move towards Malaysia. The call came seven days before the wedding and it was expected that I reach Delhi as soon as possible.

It all happened so soon that I could not even tell you. Either ways, I will be reaching Bombay next month, and meeting you.

Excited to see you and your wife.

With love,



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