Frequently Asked Questions # IELTS

IELTS for some reasons brings about lots of questions in the minds of students. It could be either the fact that their career depends on it or the fear to score high. Either ways, let us have a look at some of the frequently asked questions by students.

When asked about the positive and negative developments, do I need to talk about both of them?
It is your choice. You can even take a bold stand and talk about one of them or you can either talk about both of them and then talk about the one that you favor more.
How should I answer the multiple choice questions in the listening test?
Answering the multiple choice questions in IELTS is a tough task and that is the reason that not everyone scores high in IELTS. It is tough but not impossible, so while answering the multiple choice questions, try to mark the keywords in the question so you will have less information to focus on. They will also help you so that you don’t get lost in the middle of the recording.
Do we need to answer in the same order as the points are written in the cue card of the speaking section?
It is always easy to follow the pattern and answer accordingly. But there is no rule about it. So, you can answer the question whichever way you want but make sure that you cover all the points.
Do I need to correct myself after making mistake in IELTS speaking?
This is a dicey situation. You can do self correction once in a while but then over doing it or panicking because of that one mistake, would let you lose marks.


The Salary Confusion # Essay Idea

In many countries, there is a huge difference between salaries of different individuals. There are some who earn more than 100k per annum and even some who merely survive. With such huge gaps, some people believe that it is not good for the economy of the country and also creates a feeling of injustice. However, there are even some who believe that the more one works, the more they must be paid.
Let us have a look at some of the ideas that can be used for the essay.
Giving high salary to some is good for country

  1. People who work hard must be rewarded with high salaries. They deserve it.
  2. High salary often work as a motivating factor to work even more.
  3. A person has their own personal needs. Giving high salaries to the worthy employs deters them from leaving the country.
  4. High salary is often the sign of a country’s wealth.

There must be a limit after which salary must not be raised

  1. It is the duty of the government to ensure that wealth is evenly distributed among country men.
  2. Limiting high salaries bring about more equality among people.
  3. Capping high salaries prevents the rich from controlling certain aspects of the society.
  4. Limiting high salary means that more money could be spend on public services allowing more room for overall growth.


Australian Education System

There are millions working hard and burning the midnight oil, just to be in Australia and do their education from there. To all of those, let us have a look at the Australian education system.

  1. Primary and Secondary schools – This is equivalent to 10+2 in India. Certification is done by either continuous assessment within the school or by a combination of internal and competition assessment. These procedures form the basis for qualification for entry to universities or other tertiary institutions.
  2. Foundation Studies – These courses allow the international students a smooth transition from their home country to the study methods in Australia. Foundation studies are usually one year long and the students are graded by the lecturers. The common feature of foundation studies is that a university allocates a provisional place in an undergraduate course for a student who achieves the prescribed grades.
  3. English Language Schools – These schools are for people who especially come to Australia to study English either for educational purposes or for other reasons. The Australian system of English language training is known as English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). There are a range of courses including General English; English for Special Purposes; Vacation Courses; and Examination Preparation.
  4. Vocational Education And Training Institutes – These institutes give the students the practical skills required for their career. The VET sector is divided into two – a nationally recognized government system of Technical and Further Education (TAFE); and private providers. Studying at TAFE is also a way of getting entry in Australian universities. The VET courses include computing, design, pilot training, business management, hospitality and tourism and many other courses.
  5. Higher Education (Universities) – There are 37 public universities and two private universities in Australia which offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Some of the most popular courses at Australian Universities are – Business, Administration and Economics, followed by Science, then Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Ideas For School # Essay Ideas

With changing times, people opinion about schools has also changed. There was a time when school was regarded as a place of learning and held a very high importance among people. But with passage of time, people have form the opinion that schools is merely turning students into good citizens or followers rather than great individuals.

Such a question can more likely come in agree/disagree category. Let us have a look at some of the possible ideas for school.

Schools turn children into good citizens or workers

  • The main idea of school is to teach students discipline which helps them becoming better citizens.
  • Children are taught the preconceived notion of what is right and wrong.
  • Schools are part of society and therefore teach what is already there in it, rather than ways of changing it.

Schools benefit children as individuals

  • Schools help children to discover their potential.
  • A school provides the child with the option of choosing the subjects he/she prefers, allowing them to work on their strengths.
  • Teachers in school are trained to help students understand their strengths and weakness.
  • The extra curricular activities help children to build confidence required for living life.

So, go on and practice this essay, write it in your style, keeping in mind the things to be considered while writing an IELTS essay.


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