Transport # Speaking Section

Transport is a medium of travelling from one place to another. And it is quite obvious that everyone does travel. Keeping this is mind, there are questions that you will be asked related to transport. Let us have  a look at some of the possible questions related to transport.

How did you come here today?

I came by my bike today because the roads are quite congested due to the construction of the flyover. And it took me around half an hour to reach here.

How often do you use public transport?

I used to travel a lot using public transport lately but recently I have got my bike fixed. So, now mostly I travel on my bike, but public transport remains the next best option available. And I use it if the distance is quite long or I have issues with my bike.

How could transportation be improved in your country?

I think the transportation in my country is quite good at present but there are certain areas it needs improvement. The major being awareness among people, especially in metro cities, to use either public transport or share transport. These days everyone has a car and I think if the number of them could be reduced transportation will improve a lot. Also, I believe we need to consider the security of passengers, especially women in the public vehicles.


Travel # Speaking Section

Travel and transport is the most common topic for the IELTS speaking and often tends to come in the speaking part II or III of the IELTS. It although can even come in the part I of the speaking section.

Let us have a look at some of the possible questions with their sample answers.

Do you tend to travel often?

I love travelling and visiting new places. Although to be honest, at present, because of the work schedules I am not able to travel very often. But when I do get time, I usually pick up my bag and go explore the places.

What according to you is the best time to travel in your country?

Considering the  varied seasons in India, I think it is almost like it depends where you want to go and what season or weather suits you. For instance, someone who loves snow can go visit Kashmir and Jammu or Shimla during the period of December to February. For those who like rains, Bombay during the monsoon seasons is the best place to be. And if you want to enjoy the beaches you are most welcome to Goa. So, I think with India it is always a season to travel, it all just depends on your personal choices.

What are some of the places you would recommend a foreigner to visit in your country?

India offers some great places to visit. You can go to Goa for an awesome party. Dhauladhar ranges if you like trekking. And then there is Kashmir that is regarded as the heaven on Earth. You can enjoy scuba diving in Andaman or camp in Ladakh or explore wild life sanctuary in Almora. Apart from these there is Taj Mahal, Red fort and other monumental sights


Home # Speaking Section

Let me ask you some questions about your home.

Where do you live in?

I live in a house which is located in the center of our town, with all the major places at equal distance. I’ve lived there for almost six years with my parents.

Describe your room.

Well, it is particularly the largest room of our house and the kind of room I really like. It has a large window to the side which gives a view of the nearby road. The sunlight falls perfectly inside the room and make my morning fantastic. There are two huge comfy sofas and on the walls there are some rather beautiful oil paintings of country scenes from the area we live.The entire ambiance of the room fills anyone who comes with joy.

If you could improve one thing in your house, what would it be?

Well, given a choice, I would change my drawing room. It is quite small with no view and when more than a family comes home, it really becomes congested. Adding to it, we cannot even put lots of decoration items as it looks quite covered up if we do it. I would like to make it a little bigger so that it could accommodate guests during festivals and allow us to decorate it more beautifully.

Describe what would you do when you stay at home?

I usually am reading novel or studying other things when I am at home. Sometimes I even help my mother with her daily chores or teach my younger brother. But since I am working, my most of the time is spent either in the office or the on locations I need to go as part of my job.


Studies # Speaking Section

No matter where you are at your present life you must have studied sometime, somewhere. So, it makes complete sense that you must be knowing at least something about it. Keeping this in mind, you can be asked questions related to studies. Let us have a look at some of the possible questions related to studies –

What are you studying now?

I am studying creative writing at future learn Open University. It is a three week course and I started it two weeks ago, so I have one more week to go. I am really enjoying it. learning more about things you are passionate about truly brings a sense of joy and for me I am experiencing it.

What is your area of specialisation?

In creative writing, I don’t have any area of specialisation. It is three week course which focuses on teaching mainly fiction writing. So, in a sense you can say that I am specialising in fiction writing. I think writing fiction is truly incredible, one needs to put in all the imagination and make the story sound real, which is the best part about it.

What kind of school did you go?

As a child, I went to several schools, mostly because my father got transferred after every 6 years. Shifting my base so frequently has made me more adaptable and helped me groom my personality in a way that I can now gel with anyone easily.

Who was your favourite person in school?

I admired my English teacher in high school. I think she was fantastic with what she did. Not only was she strict but then she made sure we never hesitate in asking doubts. It was her perfect mixture that made us disciplined as well as curious about our work.

What was your favourite subject in school?

I loved math and English very much. I remember, learning the entire English book to the point that on being asked questions I used to answer them as they were written in the text book. Math was the other subject I really enjoyed doing and loved being engrossed in math questions.

How the education is helpful to shape a person’s life?

I believe that a quality education early in life is very important in shaping a person. If the education is good, there is a greater chance of the person making it big in life.