Famous People # Band 9

We have been talking about the famous people in your country. Let us talk about them in more general.

What kind of people become famous in your country?

In random, definitely the politicians and also some actors and actresses are very famous among random people.

What about the past? Is it the same in the past, were politicians and actors and actress famous?

Yes, definitely the past, if you are talking about the 50s and 60s. Movies were the number one communication between villagers and town.. So, people knew actors and actresses better than the politicians. Compared to now, when you have access to television and internet, where people follow politician’s personal life more than actors and actress.

What do you think about the future, will this continue?

Yes. I think definitely in the future. Because the world is becoming globalised. Random will have tendency to be exposed to more international celebrities compared to local. So, we would follow international politics, may be British or American.

Often famous people are used in advertisement. Can you give me some examples?

Yes, famous people are used in advertisement, especially sports celebrities like tiger woods promoting sports equipment or sport clothes. Other than that I think there are more models and actors/actress, who sponsor things like perfumes etc.

Is that always true, that whatever profession they are involved in that is the kind of product they tend to promote?

I don’t think that is true. Because a lot of celebrities support clothes and perfumes where it should be models that do it.

Do you think celebrities bring negative effect in our youth?

As you can see, in lifestyles and health, celebrities and models are becoming thinner. When opening magazine, young girls will be exposed to them. Although it is normal for the model to be thin, it might cause the young girl to get into anorexia or bulimia or unhealthy practices because they think being thin is a norm whereas being healthy and being normal bodied is the normal.

What about young boys?

I think, most definitely… I think young boys could be influenced materialistically, like they would want the cars and the cool gadgets that they use. It could make boys realise that materialistic things are the only way to happiness.

How can celebrities can be used to influence public opinion?

Celebrities are used like you can see PETA, the organisation for protection of endangered species. They use celebrities to get public attention. Like there is this promotion where they get celebrities to get naked to show that animals are stripped like foxes and seals for their fur and it strikes a chord because it is a celebrity.


Study/Work Abroad # Essay For IELTS

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic :

These days, more and more people are going to other countries for significant periods of time, either to study/work abroad. There are clearly many benefits to doing this, but people who live abroad can also face some difficulties.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in foreign.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


We are living in a globalised world where the boundaries have become blur and mixture of cultures has led way to new way of thinking. With this, more and more people tend to move abroad for either study or work purposes. This has brought a new sense of connection between the different countries of the world. However, it has also led to the fading of the originality of a place.

Living or studying abroad, brings with it, its own advantages. Firstly, a person becomes more acquainted with the world picture. For instance, a student who pursues his studies in abroad, gets to meet people from various cultures. This brings at home great knowledge which will stick with him or her throughout his or life. Secondly, the feeling of unity gets reignited. No matter, how many boundaries have been made, humans are very much similar. This shuffling, if done with harmony, can create an environment where people with different approaches can live together and may be create something unique.

On the other hand, this movement has often lead to some serious issues as well. Like, USA has been regarded as the technology hub of the world, and due to this reason mostly talented people flock to it, leaving behind a country which needs them. Even more, often times this creates a feeling of congestion in a country. Studying abroad brings with it various new things. But if done incorrectly, it could turn out to be a disaster for the student. For example- the scholarship may turn out false, the course may be tough for the student or the climatic situation creates irritation.

Overall, in my opinion, although there is no issue in shifting to a new country, but if done just because others are doing, it could turn out to be nightmare.  Also, sticking to the roots and doing something for one’s own country always brings more sense of pride.


Well Known Personalities # Band 8

Getting a band 8 is a dream for many. Speaking section in IELTS consist of three parts. Given below are question of the discussion part with topic, well known personality. The answers are of band 8 level.

Being in the public eye, celebrities are noticed by everybody. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

The advantage is that lot of people are watching you so become famous. There are lot of things that you can do correctly and politically right. There is media watching you and you can go ahead and pass the message to the media in a right way. The disadvantage is that you have to be diplomatic correct. If there are certain things that are wrong, they still have to do it because they have political pressure.

What is the media’s approach to reporting about famous people?

Well, media plays an important role. At times media shows things that are not correct. They portray in a wrong way and the common person forms a wrong image. Although there are even times they do show the famous people in right light.

Do you think anything can be done about it?

Well, not really because it today’s world what has happened is that everything is communicated through media. All you can do is call media and answer to public about the issues or may be give justification.

Media often reports about trivial issues rather than important issues. But people do like trivial issues, what is the reason behind it?

Because these days people like to listen to gossip or trivial things. They are not interested in larger picture. They have a simple life and live it their own way. There are only few people interested in knowing about the country and getting all the information.

How advertisers are use the famous people?

Well, famous people are used because they can promote the product. Second, they have fans and if they see their favourites using a particular product, they are more likely to use them. Also, it is money making. For example, if Mahatma Gandhi wore a watch of titan, I will wear it as well.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Cricket

Cricket has become far popular than the national sports in the sub-continental countries.

What do you think are the reasons behind it?


Cricket, traditionally an English sport, is becoming increasingly popular in  Australia, South Africa and Indo-Pak countries. But this popularity is highest evidently in the Indo-Pak sub-continent for commercial and historical reasons. Strange it might seems, but it is a fact that less than 10% people are interested in their national game while more than 90% people consider cricket as their passion in those countries.

The main reason for the popularity of the game is the exceptionally good performance of the teams, apart from this sport sub-continent teams do not have any presence in world arena. For instance, people tend to support a team in a game which they play well. Since, the sub-continent teams like India,Pakistan, Bangladesh play better in Cricket as compared to national games, the crowd tends to support them in Cricket.

The second important reason is the media attention that cricket enjoys, allowing them great endorsements and help the cricket stars to be constantly in the public eye. The cricket stars are taken as celebrities and any win in the field of cricket is regarded as huge and celebrated with pomp and show.

It is inevitable that people would participate in sports that they are good at, enjoy and has international renown and that’s why the national and traditional games which is scarcely known to the rest of the world have lost their popularity while the cricket has acclaimed its own rights to the people of this sub-continent area.


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