How To Express Opinion Ideas

Often times when taking your IELTS, you will be asked to give your opinion. When you give your opinion it is very important to start by saying what is good about the opposite opinion. If I love books, instead of saying I love books.

Although some people prefer watching videos, I prefer reading books.

We can practice now.

Ques – What do you prefer, travelling alone or with friends?

Possible answer – Although some people prefer travelling with friends, I enjoy travelling the most when I am alone.

Although is used to show contrast. It is a good idea to use it when writing essays or speaking.

Even though is a similar word.

Ques- Would you rather go to desert or beach

Possible answer – Even though deserts have their own fun, I love beaches.

Understanding ALTHOUGH and EVEN THOUGH


 Although/Even though subject he/she  verb  ,  subject verb

Even though India is a good country, India has issues.

Subject can be anything, he/she/we/noun.

Verb – is is a verb

After this, you need to put a comma.

Remember, when using although/even though there are two parts of the sentence. The one before comma and the other after it.

Some more words –

Despite _______, I prefer ______.

Example- Despite the advantages of high earning job, I prefer doing a work that makes me happy.

Despite is followed by noun only.

________; nevertheless, ________.

Example -Some people like living alone; nevertheless, I like living with my family.

__________;however, ________.

Example- Some people like travelling; however, he likes living at his house.


Deaths In Venus # Graph For IELTS

The graph below shows the number of deaths in Venus during the year 1029-1031.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, make comparisons where relevant.

Deaths In Venus

Deaths In Venus

The chart illustrates the number of deaths caused by six diseases ( Aids, leprosy, tropical disease, diarrhoea, malaria and TB) in Venus over a period of 2 years from 1029-1031.

Overall, Aids, diarrhoea and TB remained the dominant diseases, causing the highest number of deaths while malaria was held responsible for the least number of deaths. The number of deaths caused by Leprosy were higher than malaria, however were not as dramatically high as that of the dominant diseases.

Over the period of two years, Aids and TB had taken a turmoil on the lives of individuals of Venus causing almost the same number of deaths. Around 50000 lives were lost because of the two deadly diseases with deaths caused by TB being only slightly less than the former.

The number of individuals dying because of  malaria and leprosy were comparatively low causing approximately 10000 deaths.



1 30 31 32