Set Someone’s Teeth On Edge # Idioms For IELTS

The one basic rule to live happily in abroad is never set someone’s teeth on edge. Why will you do that? put someone’s teeth to edge? Well, you aren’t pushing someone’s teeth literally, go on and read to find out what exactly you need not to do.

Teeter on the brink
Sentence-: people living on the banks of rivers teeter on the brink.
Meaning-: very close to a difficult or dangerous situation
Set someone’s teeth on edge
Sentence-: if you set someone’s teeth on edge, don’t expect a healthy relation coming your way.
Meaning-: cause someone to feel intense discomfort or irritation
Bush telegraph
Sentence-: when studying in college, every information seems to be bush telegraphed.
Meaning-: a rapid informal spreading of information or rumor
Tell it like it is
Sentence-: the most successful people, usually tend to tell things like it is.
Meaning-: describe the true facts of a situation no matter how unpleasant they may be.
Tell tales
Sentence-: you would never like to be friends with those who tell tales.
Meaning-: gossip about or reveal another person’s secret, wrong doings or faults.
Round the twist
Sentence-: The moment I found my lost puppy I went round the twist.
Meaning-: go crazy
Recipe for disaster
Sentence-: How could he even imagine his success when for all the time he was preparing the recipe for disaster.
Meaning-: a mixture of events and people that could only lead to trouble
Pick someone to pieces
Sentence-: Once who have been picked up to pieces, you get to know all your strengths and weaknesses.
Meaning-: to criticize someone very sharply
Reduce to ashes
Sentence-: He has been reduced to ashes after the war.
Meaning-: to destroy completely
Whale of a time
Sentence-: I had a whale of a time yesterday.
Meaning-: to really enjoy a lot