Idioms For 4 May #7

To get it
Sentence-: I didn’t get what she said.
Meaning-: to understand( often used in negative).
Got a minute
Sentence-: I need to talk to you. Do you got a minute?
Meaning-: to have time right now.
Grab a bite
Sentence-: I am going to grab a bite of burger. Do you want some?
Meaning-: to go quickly to eat something.
Drive someone up a wall-:
Sentence-: His eating habits drive me up a wall.
Meaning-: to make someone angry.
To hang on-:
Sentence-: sometimes, all you need is to just hang on for your dreams.
Meaning-: to wait.

Go practice the idioms for today. Hang on to your dream, in the times of difficulties, because it is the only way to succeed.

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