Idioms For 14 May

Consistency matters. Persistence Matters. I don’t care how many idioms you already know, if you are ready to work on them daily. SO, go on and read the Idioms For 14 May and carry on the persistent hard work.

Keep tabs on
Sentence-: The government kept the tabs on the terrorist even though she was in jail.
Meaning-: monitor the actions or developments of; keep under close observations
Pick up the tabs
Sentence-: picking up the tabs for the accommodation, I am broken.
Meaning-: pay for something
Lay on the table
Sentence-: we shall lay the matter on the table in the next meeting. The final judgment of the case seems lying on the table.
Meaning-: make something known so that it can be freely and sensibly discussed Or postpone something indefinitely
Turn the tables
Sentence-: the 35 runs off the over, turned the tables for Indians.
Meaning-: reverse the position, especially by turning a position of disadvantage into one of advantage
Under the table
Sentence-: these days being under the table is seen as something very cool.
Meaning-: drunk to the point of unconsciousness
Wet Behind Ears
Sentence-: You may be wet behind ears but when you work, you sound like an expert.
Meaning-: unexperienced or immature
Wet Your Whistle
Sentence-: Why don’t you just come here and wet your whistle.
Meaning-: have a drink
Out Of Whack
Sentence-: That machine is out of whack.
Meaning-: Out of order
Top Whack
Sentence-:Don’t show me the phone with the top whack, instead show me the one with the best features.
Meaning-: The maximum price or rate
A Whale Of A
Sentence-: Barack Obama seems to be the whale of great president.
Meaning-: an extremely good example of something