Idioms For 13 May

There are thousands of idioms in English and no matter who you are, you can’t learn them all in day. So, we break them down to ten a day. Go on and read the Idioms For 13 May to ensure you prepare consistently.

Give It Some Welly
Sentence-: Don’t lose hope, try and give it some more welly.
Meaning-: put in more effort or strength
Go West
Sentence-: I don’t know how, but I guess I went west.
Meaning-: meet with disaster or be lost
All Wet
Sentence-: How do you expect me to give you marks, you are all wet.
Meaning-: mistaken or completely wrong
Wet The Baby’s Head
Sentence-:I know you are happy, but don’t wet the baby’s head.
Meaning-: to celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink, usually alcoholic
Wet Blanket
Sentence-: Stay away from him, he is a wet blanket.
Meaning-: Someone who has depressing or discouraging effect on others
Ace a test
Sentence-: the ones who ace the test will be provided scholarship.
Meaning-: to get high score or excellent result
Have an ace up your sleeve
Sentence-: you must have an ace up your sleeve while debating.
Meaning-: to have something in reverse with which you can gain an advantage and obtain success.
Hold all the aces
Sentence-: the Indian cricket team held all the aces in the world cup 2011
Meaning-: to be in a very strong position
Sentence-: They played like also-ran in world cup finale.
Meaning-: it refers to an unsuccessful competitor who performs so bad that the winners win seems to be of no importance.

In the bag
Sentence-: the world cup trophy is in our bag.
Meaning-: it means that something is very obvious.


Scholarship Scams

Scholarships are what most of us are in dire need of. The fact is we all need it. But many of us scare away from them because there might be chances that you get stuck in scholarship scams. There are people who can fraud you in the name of scholarship. And the truth is yes it does happen. So, how to be wary of them?

Scholarship Scams


The easiest way to do this is ask yourself,” Is the scholarship too good to be true?Your intuition is correct most of the times. It could be that the application process is very easy or maybe you have to pay to get the scholarship. If the website offers you “guaranteed scholarship” or you receive an unsolicited email, it is better to stay away from it.

Is the scholarship authentic?
Conduct an online search of the scholarship. If you find more information about it, maybe it is authentic. But if there are less search results regarding it, just leave it.

One thumb rules while taking scholarships, stick to official websites or use free scholarship search service.


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Best Dental Schools

We are in 21st century. A doctor is not just one who takes care of our body. In today time we equally need someone who could take care of our teeth. Yes, we do need some good dentist. If you are thinking of becoming one, I bring to you the Best Dental Schools across the world.


  1. Karolinska Institute(Sweden)
  2. University of Hong Kong (HKU) (Hong Kong)
  3. University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
  4. Best Dental Schools

    Best Dental Schools

  5. University of Michigan (United States)
  6. KU Leuven (Belgium)
  7. Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) (Japan)
  8. King’s College London (KCL)( United Kingdom)
  9. University of Otago (New Zealand)
  10. Harvard University (United States)
  11. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (United States)

Go on, be a dentist, the world is waiting for you.

Live Your Dream #Scholarships

Money cannot buy dreams. There are so many of you talented enough to change the world, but stop themselves thinking maybe you cannot. Some of you having confidence but fear the fact that you are poor and getting into the right universities may be costly and beyond your scope. Before you make any life changing decisions remember, universities are not hungry of money. They want talented students. And if you have the talent, they provide you with the scholarships.

There are many scholarships that are provided by the universities. A university never wants someone who is just good in studies. They want people from different backgrounds, people with different stories, people who are ready to leave their comfort zone and become something better. To make sure it happens, following are some of the scholarships universities provide-:
Academic scholarships
Athletic scholarships
Scholarships for minorities
Scholarships for women
Creative scholarships
Unusual scholarships
Community service scholarships

You need not to be the best student or best athlete but the best of you to get a scholarship. So, what are you waiting for? Find out what makes you unique? What is that one thing that is the best about you? And if you are yet not the best version of yourself, become one. Remember, you can never be the best copy cat but you can always be the best version of you. BE THE BEST, YOU CAN BE and LIVE YOUR DREAM.


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