Idioms For 13 May

There are thousands of idioms in English and no matter who you are, you can’t learn them all in day. So, we break them down to ten a day. Go on and read the Idioms For 13 May to ensure you prepare consistently.

Give It Some Welly
Sentence-: Don’t lose hope, try and give it some more welly.
Meaning-: put in more effort or strength
Go West
Sentence-: I don’t know how, but I guess I went west.
Meaning-: meet with disaster or be lost
All Wet
Sentence-: How do you expect me to give you marks, you are all wet.
Meaning-: mistaken or completely wrong
Wet The Baby’s Head
Sentence-:I know you are happy, but don’t wet the baby’s head.
Meaning-: to celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink, usually alcoholic
Wet Blanket
Sentence-: Stay away from him, he is a wet blanket.
Meaning-: Someone who has depressing or discouraging effect on others
Ace a test
Sentence-: the ones who ace the test will be provided scholarship.
Meaning-: to get high score or excellent result
Have an ace up your sleeve
Sentence-: you must have an ace up your sleeve while debating.
Meaning-: to have something in reverse with which you can gain an advantage and obtain success.
Hold all the aces
Sentence-: the Indian cricket team held all the aces in the world cup 2011
Meaning-: to be in a very strong position
Sentence-: They played like also-ran in world cup finale.
Meaning-: it refers to an unsuccessful competitor who performs so bad that the winners win seems to be of no importance.

In the bag
Sentence-: the world cup trophy is in our bag.
Meaning-: it means that something is very obvious.