Test The Water

Studying abroad could be more fun if you test the water before doing anything. Read more and find out how could testing water help you in abroad.

Test the water
Sentence-: a successful entrepreneur is one who knows how to test the water.
Meaning-: judge people’s feeling or opinions before taking further action.
No thanks to
Sentence-: no thanks to your remarks, I am still going to fight.
Meaning-: not because of; despite
Thanks for the buggy ride
Sentence-: thanks to your buddy ride ana, I could finally make it to the top.
Meaning-: used as a way of thanking someone for their help
A bit thick
Sentence-: the petrol price these days is a bit thick.
Meaning-: more than you can tolerate; unfair
Give someone(or get) a thick ear
Sentence-: he got a thick ear by the teacher on getting late for three consecutive days.
Meaning-: punish someone with a blow, especially on the ear
Give it a whirl
Sentence-:Don’t stop without knowing what it is, at least give it a whirl.
Meaning-: give it a try
Reap the whirlwind
Sentence-: Make sure you behave well or else you will have to reap the whirlwind.
Meaning-: Suffer serious consequences because of your actions
Have whiskers
Sentence-: My grand father has whiskers.
Meaning-: very old
Whistle in the dark
Sentence-:He is a boozer, all he knows is the whistle in the dark.
Meaning-: pretend to be confident and not afraid.
Whistle in the wind
Sentence-: Why are you whistling in the wind, don’t you know she won’t change her decision!
Meaning-: try unsuccessfully to influence something that cannot be changed