For All Tea In China

If you practice each day, you will not get a low score for all tea in china. For all tea in china ?? How can your score be related to china and its tea? Read more and find out, the tea and the china.

Add Insult To Injury
Sentence-: The loss of my wallet has only added insult to my injury.
Meaning-: To worsen an unfavorable condition
An Arm And A Leg
Sentence-: The new phone cost me an arm and a leg.
Meaning-: very expensive and costly
Back To The Drawing Board
Sentence-: I guess it is time to go back to the drawing board.
Meaning-: to start all over when an attempt fails
Ball Is In Your Court
Sentence-: I have done what I could, the ball is in your court now.
Meaning-: it is up to you to make the next decision
Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Sentence-: The criminal is here officer, you are barking the wrong tree.
Meaning-: insulting or accusing the wrong person; looking at wrong places
Not for all tea in china
Sentence-: I lose hope? Well, not for all tea in any china.
Meaning-: not at any price
Tear your hair out
Sentence-: to achieve something in life, you need to tear your hair out.
Meaning-: act with or show extreme desperation.
Tear someone off a strip
Sentence-: Hitler in a true way had torn Jews off a strip.
Meaning-: rebuke someone angrily.
Tear someone or something to shreds
Sentence-: Hitler tore France to shreds, after the Versailles treaty.
Meaning-: Criticize something or someone aggressively.
Without tears
Sentence-: The teachers at ieltsband7 teach English without tears.
Meaning-: presented so as to be learnt or achieved easily

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