Important Dates

The best way to know a country is to know the importance of dates in that country. So, anyone of you who want to know USA more closely, given below are some of the

important dates to remember while living in USA


1 January
New Year’ Day
Go on welcome the day with parties starting from 31st December. Meet your friends, go out with them, enjoy.
3rd Monday In January

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Commemorate the birthday of the African-American civil rights leader, who won the nobel prize, Martin Luther King
14 February

valentines’s day

Celebrate love and romance. Exchange gifts and cards, go out and enjoy the day.
3rd Monday Of February
President’s Day
On this day, honor the past presidents of America like Abraham Lincoln.
17th March
Saint Patrick’s Day
You can find parades and parties decorated In irish green to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.
1 April
April Fool’s Day
Laugh out loud on this day. Play a clever although harmless trick, make people laugh and laugh with others.
Last Monday Of May
Memorial Day
On this day, remember with Americans, the men and women who died while serving in the U.S Armed forces.
4th July

Independence Day

View fireworks and enjoy with Americans their freedom. The day when 13 American states marked their freedom from Britain in 1776.
1st Monday in September
Labor day
On this day honor the efforts and the contributions of the hard workers that make our life easier, by working throughout the day,
2nd Monday in October
Columbus Day
On this day, pay tribute to Christopher Columbus who is traditionally thought of as the discoverer of America.
Last Thursday in November
Thanksgiving Day
It was on this day that the pilgrims( first settlers of the thirteen colonies) and the native Americans shared dinner. As you celebrate the day, feast on the traditional meal and enjoy the day.
25 December
Christmas Day
On this make a wish to Santa, celebrate the birth of Christ, leader of the Christian faith. Enjoy the day with friends and family, exchange gifts, laugh and have fun.

Enjoy the days, enjoy the moments, this is your life, live it like there is no tomorrow.


Knowing Florida #1

Are you interested in knowing florida? Are you planning to go there for further studies? Well, if you are here is all what is need to know about florida.

Florida is a state in the southeastern region of United States. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico in the east, to the north by Alabama and Georgia. To its east are the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida to the south.

It is internationally known for golf, tennis, auto racing and water sports. Some of its most iconic animals like American crocodile, Florida panther, American alligator and manatee can be found in the everglades national park. Florida is known for its amusement parks, the production of oranges and the Kennedy Space Center. It is a reflection of influences and multiple inheritance. It has been successful in attracting many writers such as Marjorie kinnan raw lings.

Florida is surrounded by ocean on all its sides and hence the climate is likewise. Although it is nicknamed as the “sunshine state” severe weather is common there. you could find lightning in the afternoon. It has one of the highest average precipitation level. Hurricane poses a severe threat in Florida during June 1 to November 30, particularly from august to October.

Some of the places you could visit are-:

  1. Key West historic district
    Downtown Jacksonville
    Yabor city in Tampa
    Downtown Miami historic district

Nothing is right and wrong. Neither good and bad. The point is which lock gets opened by the key you have. All that matters is you.

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United States Of America

USA is one of the top most destinations students prefer for studying abroad. The fact is you don’t study in country, you rather you study in the state. Choosing a country to study abroad is lot more easier than choosing a state of the country, especially when it is USA. USA has 50 states with Washington DC being its capital. The most interesting thing about USA is that all the states have a distinct regional identity.

Although most people recognize USA with wall street or Walt-Mart or Google, it actually also has places with open spaces. It comes with its own diversity and when you choose a state it is better to choose the one which fits you perfectly. So, how do you know which state to study in and which one doesn’t fits you well. what are the places to visit and what are those that can be avoided. What makes the place unique and what are the similarities. Well, there are fifty states and we cannot tell you about all of them in just one post. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the states of USA and figure out which one is the best for you, just click on the United States Of America tab and choose the state you wish to know about or USA in general.

Always bear in mind, there are people who will give you advice, tell you what is right and wrong, and those people are not wrong, but you should always listen to your heart. Because no matter anyone knows it or not, your heart already knows what you want in life.


Understanding Native Speakers

Non-native speakers when preparing to go abroad, first learn their language i.e English. While preparing we often think that they speak the way we learn the language. But the truth is although they speak the same thing, they are so used to speaking it, that they no longer sound like we, non-native speakers sound. This is usually because they tend to speak fast and it sometimes so happens that you are unable to understand what they are trying to say. Given below are some sentences and how native speakers tend to speak them.


  • What are you doing?
    Wha cha doing?
  • Who do you like?
    Hodoya like?
  • When did you go?
    When did ja go?
  • Understanding Native Speakers

    Understanding Native Speakers

  • Where is she?
  • Why did he do that?
    whyde do that?

So once who have prepared for your exam or may in between, try to learn how native speakers speak. This may not help you in exam but surely will help in your stay. Remember, this is a life time opportunity for you, make sure you get the best out of it.


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