Important Dates

The best way to know a country is to know the importance of dates in that country. So, anyone of you who want to know USA more closely, given below are some of the

important dates to remember while living in USA


1 January
New Year’ Day
Go on welcome the day with parties starting from 31st December. Meet your friends, go out with them, enjoy.
3rd Monday In January

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Commemorate the birthday of the African-American civil rights leader, who won the nobel prize, Martin Luther King
14 February

valentines’s day

Celebrate love and romance. Exchange gifts and cards, go out and enjoy the day.
3rd Monday Of February
President’s Day
On this day, honor the past presidents of America like Abraham Lincoln.
17th March
Saint Patrick’s Day
You can find parades and parties decorated In irish green to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.
1 April
April Fool’s Day
Laugh out loud on this day. Play a clever although harmless trick, make people laugh and laugh with others.
Last Monday Of May
Memorial Day
On this day, remember with Americans, the men and women who died while serving in the U.S Armed forces.
4th July

Independence Day

View fireworks and enjoy with Americans their freedom. The day when 13 American states marked their freedom from Britain in 1776.
1st Monday in September
Labor day
On this day honor the efforts and the contributions of the hard workers that make our life easier, by working throughout the day,
2nd Monday in October
Columbus Day
On this day, pay tribute to Christopher Columbus who is traditionally thought of as the discoverer of America.
Last Thursday in November
Thanksgiving Day
It was on this day that the pilgrims( first settlers of the thirteen colonies) and the native Americans shared dinner. As you celebrate the day, feast on the traditional meal and enjoy the day.
25 December
Christmas Day
On this make a wish to Santa, celebrate the birth of Christ, leader of the Christian faith. Enjoy the day with friends and family, exchange gifts, laugh and have fun.

Enjoy the days, enjoy the moments, this is your life, live it like there is no tomorrow.


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