Scholarship Scams

Scholarships are what most of us are in dire need of. The fact is we all need it. But many of us scare away from them because there might be chances that you get stuck in scholarship scams. There are people who can fraud you in the name of scholarship. And the truth is yes it does happen. So, how to be wary of them?

Scholarship Scams


The easiest way to do this is ask yourself,” Is the scholarship too good to be true?Your intuition is correct most of the times. It could be that the application process is very easy or maybe you have to pay to get the scholarship. If the website offers you “guaranteed scholarship” or you receive an unsolicited email, it is better to stay away from it.

Is the scholarship authentic?
Conduct an online search of the scholarship. If you find more information about it, maybe it is authentic. But if there are less search results regarding it, just leave it.

One thumb rules while taking scholarships, stick to official websites or use free scholarship search service.


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