IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

Describe a course that you wish to study in the future.
You should say:

  • What the course is?
  • When and where you would like to take this course?
  • What skills and qualifications are required for this course?

And explain why you want to study it.

Sample Answer

I would love to partake in an animation and gaming course. Even though it’s true that I never imagine myself going for a Bachelor’s in Arts, this seems like something I would enjoy.

I would like to do this course somewhere in Germany – probably next year in my summer holidays. The reason being that I spent my childhood in Germany. The love and affection which I have for this place is hard to describe in words. I can’t forget the time which I spent there. It’s my dream to go back to Germany and relive those moments.

Coming to the skills and qualifications required for this course, a good command on English and effective computing skills are the two main criteria for this course. Sometimes, applicants have to submit a portfolio of their drawings.

Talking about the reasons why I want to take this course, as a child I was very fond of cartoons, I used to draw my impressions of the characters in my school notebook, often getting scolded for doodling. And whenever I went to visit my cousin-brother’s house, we used to play video games all the time. My mother and aunt never understood what we found so fascinating about these immersive games.

But, I guess the biggest appeal is that there is prominent and existing growth in this field. It’s a very new and fresh, growing concept, especially at a time like this when research and development have come to a standstill, this field has just begun. It offers new challenges and certainly new opportunities. I wish to be a part of this progression.

Another Similar Cue Card

Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

  • What was this course?
  • Who did you take it up and where?
  • What benefits did you feel after course?

And what is the availability of this course?


We all generally follow the same conventional career oriented path in our lives as taught by our predecessors. Schooling followed by graduation or a higher degree and then engage in a job till retirement. This is the verifiable secure trajectory to earn a good living. During this journey, sometimes, we shift our engagement to a short term course or workshop, which brings value addition, either in our personal lives or professional or both. Recently, I took up a month long workshop on making incense sticks.

My father is a very religious person. He often used to complain about the deteriorating quality of incense sticks. One fine day, my friend called me up and discussed about his start-up venture of incense sticks. He has already expanded his supplies twice in just a period of 6 months. On my inquiry, he replied that he learnt about it in an NGO based in Dehradun. It appeared reasonably sensible to me to take up this 1-month long course and that too free of costs, considering the complaints by my father and a bright business opportunity in this religiously overwhelmed country.

After completing my course, I was in a position to make different sized sticks with different ingredients, quality and incense. You can say, I was equipped with every trait of incense stick manufacturing from my first day itself. Before taking it up as a commercial idea, first thing I did was, to prepare a bundle of sticks for my father, having his favourite aroma of Jasmine flowers. My father felt very happy after that. Since I am studying in my final year right now and feels myself capable enough to earn a good job next year, I am in no hurry to take up the incense sticks venture but definitely, I have added a value in productive sense which can be utilized any time in life, even as a hobby.

As I have mentioned, this workshop is a very short duration type, with no charges. This is easily accessible at this NGO Prayas located at Raipur road. One can register digitally too, but one has to come to the venue for workshop session.

Word Meaning
Predecessor preceding: We learn from the experiences of our predecessors.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Which extra course should one take up?

Sample answer: It all depends upon the present occupation of an individual. If a person is a student, he has ample of time to get engaged in long term courses adding value to his personality. It can even be a vocational course intended as a hobby or pure fun like clay pottery, wood craft and all. They will serve as an addition to your versatile skills. For a grown up working adult, it may not be feasible to get enrolled in a longer course so they should classify the right courses at right time. Expenditure involved and relative value addition should be proportionate.

Q. 2 What is your opinion about singing and dance academy for children and adults?

Sample answer: Well, it depends on an individual’s interests and inherited talents. If a parent sees the potential talent and inclination in a child, he should enroll him in that academy. We should not just impose on them for the sake of current trend. Similarly, an adult can join such course for his physical fitness, as dancing involves exertion. Sometimes, even the late comers after can age, can pursue their interest at a later stage in life. This makes them feel happy about themselves.

Q. 3 Do you think every course adds value to you?

Sample answer: No, I don’t think every course can do that. That’s why I was stressing on the utilitarian aspects or for seeking genuine pleasure in following a passion. Pursuing a course, that gives you no momentum, either in professional sense or in personal sense, will be a sheer waste of time. Therefore, one should clearly define his priorities before taking up one.

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