IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe the environmental pollution in your city.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe the environmental pollution in your city.

  • What type of pollution is it?
  • Why has it happened?
  • What are the possible effects of this pollution?

And explain how can this pollution be controlled?

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Sample Answer

I live in Dehradun city which is the state capital of Uttarakhand. My city is a beautiful place to be and is full of natural beauty being situated amongst the hills. It was announced as a capital around ten years ago, and hence it is suffering from many issues such as decreasing quality of life and environmental pollution of all kinds.

A quaint town before being named as a state capital, it was an unplanned hamlet that went through a rapid and unplanned expansion and industrialization.

The main reason for these pollutions is overpopulation and rapid and unplanned industrialization of this city. The city has seen a population explosion with an increase of more than one million people in the last ten years.

This has caused a huge pollution problem all over the city. People are using more resources, generating more waste, using more private vehicles, and causing the environment to degrade quickly.

The industries and factories beside the rivers and streams dump their waste directly into these waterbodies causing water pollution. The rapid deforestation is causing soil erosion and air pollution. The huge mounds of waste dumped by people are causing soil pollution due to the chemicals seeping into the soil and the groundwater. Vehicular emissions are rising at a fast pace, causing the release of toxic pollutants and gases into the air.

If steps are not taken to prevent pollution immediately, the city and its residents would succumb to diseases. The most important step is to create public awareness. Without awareness and strict determination, we would not be able to prevent such issues.

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