IELTS Cue Card # Interesting conversation you had with someone you did not know.

IELTS Speaking Task # Cue Card

Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you did not know.
You should say:

  • Who the person was?
  • Where the conversation took place?
  • What you talked about?

and explain why you found the conversation interesting.



Last month during my flight from Dehradun to Delhi, I met a lady by coincidence and the conversation I had with her during the journey was unforgettable. As I was the last passenger to board the flight, the flight attendant requested me to settle down quickly on any vacant seat within reach. After the plane took off, I noticed a lady who was seating adjacent to me seemed anxious about something. By courtesy, I asked her if she needed help with something. She requested to make a call from my phone as she lost her cell phone at the airport.

 We were already away from the cellular network zone and it wasn’t possible to make any call till the time we landed. She then narrated the actual incident of how she didn’t lose her phone but her fiancé smashed her phone after he came to know that she was moving to Delhi to pursue her dreams. She then told how he started humiliating and insulting her in front of his family members.

 I tried to convince her that she wasn’t at fault and shouldn’t feel guilty for the step she took. Having this conversation made me realize that life is full of struggles. The lady even told me about how her in-laws were against her dream to become an IAS officer and serve the country.

I hardly realized when we reached our destination and it was time to bid goodbye. This conversation was interesting as I learned about the cruelty that prevails in the male-dominated community and how women today are taking their stand and fighting independently to succeed. It motivated me to never let anyone dominate or command your thoughts and actions.

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Another Similar Cue Card

Describe a long walk you ever had.

  • When did you take this walk and from where to where?
  • Why did you take this walk?
  • Who was with you for that walk and what were you doing all the way?

And how did you feel after that?


I usually prefer to take brisk walks in the mornings and after dinner. Generally, I walk for 30-40 minutes at a stretch. But one fine evening in last autumn, I walked for nearly two hours. I used to take coaching classes for my IELTS exam at GMS Road in Dehradun. I used to come and go by scooter only as my home was nearly 10 kms away from the institute, near deer park. One day, it happened like my father had to take the scooter for some urgent work. As I could not afford to miss my class, so I decided to take up the auto. To my surprise, there was not any auto that could have fared me up till my institute, in a single go. I had to change 4 autos till there, which was very cumbersome.

Therefore, after my classes were over, I decided to walk instead. I knew that it was a long walk but I didn’t want to face that hassle of waiting and changing autos in a row, either. Moreover, I was free of any heavy belongings so I started treading my path.

As such, there was no one who joined me from the beginning. I was pondering over the technicalities discussed by my teacher in the class. I was also focusing on the tips, which were provided by my teacher to improve spoken English score. I was walking on the pedestrian pathway, amid the usual huzzbuzz of the city. Just then, I happened to see one of my previous classmates. His name is Dilip. We exchanged our greetings first and then, he informed me that he had to go to his uncle’s place unexpectedly, for a party, which is near deer park only. When I informed him about our common destination and my resolve to walk the entire distance, he volunteered to join me. So, in this way, I found my partner for the way. We then, started discussing our present careers and the vision for future. He was preparing for medical entrance and he too used to come to an institute close to mine.

To my surprise, we were so busy conversing with each other after a long time, that we paid no heed to the distance or the time taken in our walk. Later, I said good bye to him and reached my place. Although I was not used to such a long walk, but it had no strenuous effect. Rather, I felt so refreshing as if every pore in my body has opened for receiving the environment. It felt like the familiar adrenalin rush and I felt extremely happy.

Word Meaning
Cumbersome inconvenient: selecting the best cricket team out of so many good Players is a cumbersome task.
Strenuous tiring: one needs to put up the strenuous efforts in a game to excel in it.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Do you consider walking as good for health? Why?

Sample answer: It is a proven fact that physical exercises are good for the health. On the same line, walking is also beneficiary for our overall health. It involves movement of almost all parts of the body. This locomotion helps the proper flow of blood and adequate oxygen supply in our body. This, in turn, helps in better metabolism and functioning of all the body organs.

Q. 2 Should youngsters get involved in walking as exercise?

Sample answer: As mentioned, walking is indeed a good exercise. But, for youngsters, I would suggest that they should take up more enervating exercises like running, as they have more energies than the older people. When a person grows old and becomes inefficient to run properly, then walking can act as a good substitute.

Q. 3 Do you prefer walking alone or with someone? What about exercises?

Sample answer: I am a young fellow and as such walking taken up my me occasionally doesn’t come under the category of strict exercises. Nor do I prefer to walk extra fast like some people do. Therefore, for me, walking is a kind of leisure exercise and hence I enjoy the others’ company, if I could get that. As far as the pure strict exercises are concerned, I don’t prefer anyone else to give me company, as, then it becomes a task of focus and attentiveness.

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