IELTS Cue Card #Discuss a long drive by car that you remember vividly

IELTS Cue Card #Discuss a long drive by car that you remember vividly

Discuss a long drive by car that you remember vividly.
You should say:

  • When did you take it and with whom?
  • How did you plan it and what was the route of the journey?
  • What makes it different from other car rides?

And how did you feel then and how do you think of it now?

IELTS Cue Card #Discuss a long drive by car that you remember vividly

Sample Answer :

As I am fond of driving and often take up the joy rides in the car, I would love to inform you about one such drive that I remember vividly. It was my third year in college. Back then, I didn’t know to drive a car. My friend, Rohit, used to possess a second hand Tata sedan. Although it was a little old, but it had a good performance and outlook. So, this memorable drive of mine was with him, Rohit, in his car.

It was my curiosity to drive my maiden one that basically erupted out on one fine evening in college campus. There was no premeditated plan as such, although we were thoughtful of the place to go. Mussorie was our first and last choice, as no other place had that comparable scenic beauty which Mussorie had in our choice of close destinations. I remember, I all of a sudden, barged into Rohit’s room and asked him to join me for an adventitious ride to Mussorie. Youngsters, as they usually crave for adrenalin shoots; Rohit agreed upon impulsively.

I had the basic know how of car mechanics but was driving for the first time. Rohit was with me so I rushed out my anxieties without any fear, in no time. Sun was just setting beneath the horizon and we hit the road in our red. This trip definitely stays in my memories most prominently because of that euphoric feeling I experienced for the first time, sitting behind the wheels. For a moment, I felt like flying. Rohit was careful in offering punches of driving tips in between. Cool wind was rushing through the aisles and we were in seventh heaven with our music in car stereo. With the headlights gleam in the thick forest road that we crossed in the night, drive turned into the thrill mode. My spookiness visible in my first drive was adding to it.

I was overwhelmed by joy at that ride. It was a feeling of a blisslike thrill. Company of my best friend kept me cool as well as warm. Even now, sometimes in the threads of my thoughts, I ponder over my insouciant heedlessness to tale up a hilly terrain in my maiden drive but then, I feel amused at the joy and spontaneity of the adventurous spirit we used to possess.

Word Meaning
Spookiness enjoyable entertainment: Children like to watch spooky ghost stories.
Insouciant casual lack of concern: Insouciant behaviour is harmful to organizations.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Do people like long drives? Why?

Sample answer: Yes, in general it is my common observation that people like to go for long drives. This is because it provides a much needed hilarious break from the monotonous mundane routine activities. Joy and carelessness on a long drive simply add to this momentum of enjoyment in long drives.

Q. 2 Why long drives are enjoyed more than short ones?

Sample answer: As I have mentioned just now, long drive offers a pleasant break. In a short drive, there are few intermittent junctions and joy driving is reduced temporally. Moving in a car for long becomes a new environment altogether and this novelty factor becomes the point of joy and excitation whereas in a short drive, one is not able to happily adapt to the new feel because of time shortage and anxiety for the destination and therefore the joy of long ride is amiss here.

Q. 3 Which conveyance would you prefer for a journey more than a day long? Why?

Sample answer: Without a single iota of doubt I would prefer the train as my conveyance for a very long journey. It is all about the space and comfort offered by a train as compared to the vehicles plying on road. Moreover, variety of people encountered in a train along with their interesting social discussions make it a unique travelling commune. Washing facilities and proper sleeping births make trains an ideal mode of transport for long journeys.

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