IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Interesting Conversation

There are so many times we just start with a small talk and then end up having an amazing conversation with someone. It so happens because of the common interests or sometimes because of a topic that strikes the minds. This time let us have a look at the sample cue card that questions on an interesting conversation that you had with someone you did not know.

Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you did not know.
You should say :

  • Who the person was?
  • Where the conversation took place?
  • What you talked about?

And explain why did you find the conversation interesting.



I remember travelling alone to Bhubaneswar once from New Delhi on train. It was a long 24 hours journey and initially I was so perforated that I decided opening a novel to read. It was Steve Jobs biography and while I was reading it a girl sitting at the opposite berth asked me if I was fan of Apple. I told her my interests in the shaping of Apple and we had a great conversation on Steve Jobs and how Apple shaped the world around.

We talked about the Microsoft and Apple war and then the obvious, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It was interesting because there were so many laughing points and then we drifted from Microsoft and Apple to India and what we as the so called youth can do something good for the country. We then shared our travel stories and it was pretty amazing. She was working for TCS in Kolkata and it was pretty amazing.


I was once travelling to Bangalore from Chennai and met this amazing guy on airplane. So, he was sitting next to me and I was busy gazing out of the airplane just to kill time and he initiated the conversation with a joke. We both laughed and then we talked about toastmasters. He was part of it and I was as well. So, we talked about our first speeches and the people we got to meet through out our toastmasters journey. Our mistakes and the people we admire for their speeches.

We then talked about travelling and the places we have been too. He had been to Dehradun and I have lived there. So, we shared our Dehradun diaries as well.
It was particularly interesting because for some reasons we found a ground to connect with and it we took off from there.

Another Similar Cue Card

Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend.

  • Who the friend was?
  • What was the topic?
  • When and where did you have this conversation?

And how did you find it interesting?


We often come across so many people at home, work and society, in general. Communication, verbal, is generally conveyed in order to give meaning to our meetings and life. When this communication happens with a known person on a particular topic or in an aligned manner, it becomes a conversation. Most of the times, conversation winds around the familiar topics like politics, weather, family and all but sometimes, they dig on some intriguing topics. One such interesting conversation, that I had had with my friend was regarding duality in spirituality. His name is Amit and he is a very close friend of mine.

Last summer, I went with my best friend Amit ,to Himalayas. We were on a trek route above Mussorie, walking the altitude of nearly 10 kms on that particular day. We had those camping tents with us to stay anywhere, in any terrain, whenever we felt like taking a break. Well, after a long stretch of continuous trekking, we reached to a plateau like broad elevation, where we decided to pitch our tents. It was evening by that time and with the bonfire lit by our sides, we commenced our discussion of God and metaphysics.

Unarguably, intriguing mystic things fascinate every one of us. Discussion about God is one such open ended discussion, where it is difficult to sum up conclusively. It was only recently, that we have found this vibrating new inclination within us, to delve deep into the abstract discussions of metaphysics and even paranormal. Miles of away from the usual city traffic and lights, camping, just two of us, in the heart of that dense Himalayan forest, was in itself an adventure calling for the unknown. On the top of that, conversation about surreal, paranormal phenomena was adding the much needed thrill for such a camping. I could sense that heartfelt titillation along with the warmth of the fire. Little after then, we could see the sky studded with so many bright stars, amiss in cities. So, all in all, beauty of those surroundings tinged with our mystic conversation, was defining the moments in a unique sense of pleasure and utter satisfaction.

Word Meaning
Intrigue arouse curiosity: There was an intriguing factor about on break of Corona.
Metaphysics philosophy of God: It is difficult to have visual evidences of metaphysics.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 What are your usual topics of conversation with your friends?

Sample answer: We usually converse about our daily routines and the mundane activities involved therein. If there are exams round the corner, then we have discussions of the same. In case of sports events, we discuss about our fitness and performance levels. On a normal day, we will be conversing about our teachers, peer group, work and so on.

Q. 2 Do people have friends in their later age too?

Sample answer: During the study period, school or college, students are immersed in an environment of freedom, joy and friends. After that, life generally takes a turn and that same student, once always occupied by friends, involves himself in family and work more. Due to this, a person is not able to devote the same amount of time with friends but they still remain as friends.

Q. 3 Where do you think, that art of conversation is useful?

Sample answer: Conversation is indeed an art. One has to master this with appropriate usage of words, conveying the most suitable and sensible meaning as a whole. This skill is very beneficial formally, in interviews and group discussions, where one has to articulate clearly about himself and the topic. It is also useful in resolving a contentious issue and furthering harmony and cooperation in a group or enterprise. Ample clarity in conversation is an essential tool for our overall survival in the society.

Q. 4 Can the style of conversation be made impressive?

Sample answer: Obviously, by engaging yourself in exhaustive discussion topics and regularly practicing the mode of conversation, one can attain the mastery in it. Enhancing one’s own lexical and grammar skills along with the practice speaking sessions can definitely bring improvements in fluency, coherency and meaning conveyance of the whole conversation.

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