IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A special cake you had

IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A special cake you had

Describe a special cake you had

  • What kind of cake it was?
  • When you ate the cake?
  • Who you ate the cake with?
  • And explain why you think this cake was special.

IELTS Speaking latest Cue Card Describe a special cake you had what kind of cake it was and explain why you think this cake was special

Sample answer

I do tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth and it just so happens that cakes are my all-time favourite treats. Today, I’ll talk about an absolutely delicious cake that I had some time back.

Last week I went to Mussorie with my family. Naturally the journey from Delhi to Mussorie was quite long and it left us exhausted. So, we decided to go to a cafe for refreshments. After strolling about and absorbing the general atmosphere, we came across a cafe named Lovely Loaves. It seemed to be quite an old cafe. We went inside. It was a quiet place with a certain antique charm. Their menu offered a wide range of coffees, sandwiches and other sweet assortments. I ordered a cappuccino with a slice of mixed fruit cake to the side. My parents chose to order sandwiches.

At first glance, the cake was lovingly decorated with almonds, cashews and hazelnuts, it had some sort of brown sugar powder sprinkled on the frosting. From the side, you could see the cream filling and the little fruit pieces. Every savoury little bite was infused with the rich warm flavour of fresh fruits, filled with fluffy vanilla sponging. The treat was sinfully divine, in fact I adored it so much I asked for another piece. My parents too each took a forkful from the gourmet treat. They loved it as well and were inclined to order one of their own too.

I felt that that cake was special and that it had a certain warmth to it, a quality which is not found in many things nowadays. The love which it was made with, made sure that the quantity and quality of each ingredient was just-right. From the crumbly flakiness of the sponge to the blissful sweetness in the drizzled frosting, the cake was and will be one of the best things I have ever eaten. When I go back to visit Mussorie, I will without a doubt revisit Lovely Loaves.

Another Similar Cue Card

Describe a special cake you received from others.

  • When did you get it?
  • Who gave you, where and why?
  • What made it special?

And how did you feel?


Cakes are usually presented on special occasions as a token of dessert, for wishing good and healthy for someone. They are specially ordered from the bakeries as per their appearances, sizes and tastes. I used to get cakes mostly, on my birthdays, till, when I was a young boy. On my 10th birthday, I received a special cake from my parents.

Although, it was presented jointly by my parents but later my father informed me that it was my mother’s exclusive choice. I was surprised to see the size and outlay design of the cake. It was a 3 storeyed chocolate and vanilla cake with my favourite cartoon star impostered on the top of it. My 10th birthday was celebrated in a famous hotel of our city. It was there, that I received my birthday cake as a beautiful present, after all the guests arrived. Usually I used to get a normal sized chocolate cake on my birthdays, but my mother told me that it was special this time because I had entered the double digit zone of my age. This transition made it commemorative, to be occasioned with the special cake.

The very outlook, the way it was designed, with my favourite star standing tall on it, gave it a dazzling view. I was oblivious of this this special gift, therefore, I screamed out of joy and surprise as soon it appeared in front of me. I felt like wrestling with my hero on the cake, there and then. I just kept on looking at it in bewilderment, till I finally cut it in pieces. Delicious chocolate and vanilla turned it into a mouth-watering treat. That night, I even saw that magnanimous cake in my dreams.

Word Meaning
Commemorate remember, celebrate: Gandhiji’s birth anniversary is commemorated on 2nd oct every year.
 Dazzling eye catching: I wore a dazzling suite on my brother’s wedding.
 Bewilderment great surprise: I was bewildered to know about the size of ancient mammoth.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Why do you think cake is presented on special occasions?

Sample answer: It was a trend that was set by Britishers in colonial India. It is not a native dish of India and was introduced by them. Later, Indian bakeries flourished and we started making our own cakes. The sophistication involved in baking and the sweet fluffy texture of a cake make it an ideal choice for desserts on any special occasion.

Q. 2 Do children miss something on their birthdays in the absence of a cake?

Sample answer: Yes, Indeed. Cake is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of celebrating a birthday. Candles are placed and lit on this special platform, which are then extinguished by celebratory puff of the birthday boy. So, cake, in a sense occupies the centre stage on this occasion. Therefore, children will definitely complain and miss this treat, if it is absent on their birthdays.

Q. 3 On what other occasions do you take something special to eat?

Sample answer: Well, we, the family, makes it a point to visit a good restaurant on our birthdays and anniversaries. Apart from that, whenever I feel the special appetite of eating something delicious, I request my mother and she will prepare those dishes for me. Sometimes, we visit the restaurants even on weekends, to have a fun outing and tasty food.

Q. 4 Do you consider eating outside a healthy habit?

Sample answer: No, not at all. Outside, in stalls, restaurants or even in hotels, the quality of food prepared is not up to the mark, considering its nutritious and healthy indices. Oil, flour, sugar and so many other ingredients used in food are of genuine brands at home but one cannot verify them at an eatery outside. Eating outside on a regular basis, especially the fast junk foods, can bring a detrimental effect on our health.

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