IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: A product you bought and were dissatisfied about.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

A product you bought and were dissatisfied about.

  • What was the product?
  • From where did you purchase it?
  • What was not satisfying about it?
  • And explain what you did with the product.

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Sample Answer

People purchase various kinds of new products all the time. I am also fond of buying new things, especially new clothes and technology-based products. I generally take a good look at these products before purchasing in order to be sure. It has happened a few times that I purchased a few products from a renowned e-commerce website, and I was highly dissatisfied with them.

One particular incident was when I purchased an emergency light from the website. I live an area which experiences frequent power cuts and I find it difficult to move around or to study during evening and night time. I ordered it and received it on the third day. I was relieved on its arrival and ecstatically opened it to find a poorly wrapped light that was not packaged properly.

I started using it but my happiness was short lived. The light was rattling and its brightness was inconsistent. Using it in such condition was annoying but I kept on using it. After a week of daily use, I found that it worked only while charging, and lost its battery almost immediately. I was tired and highly disappointed with this product. More so, due to the fact that it was manufactured by a famous electronic brand and I purchased it due to an urgent need.

The light was almost of no use to me, and I requested for a replacement under the warranty program. Thankfully, I got a replacement from another brand, and the new light worked fine for the next two years. Since then, I avoid purchasing any products offline and prefer buying from shops where I can take a look at the product before purchasing it.

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