IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a course that you wish to study

Describe a course that you wish to study in the future.

You should say
– what the course is
– when and where you would like to take this course
– what skills and qualifications are required for this course
– and explain why you want to study it

Sample Answer

I would love to partake in an animation and gaming course. Even though it’s true that I never imagine myself going for a Bachelor’s in Arts, this seems like something I would enjoy.

I would like to do this course somewhere in Germany – probably next year in my summer holidays. The reason being that I spent my childhood in Germany. The love and affection which I have for this place is hard to describe in words. I can’t forget the time which I spent there. It’s my dream to go back to Germany and relive those moments.

Coming to the skills and qualifications required for this course, a good command on English and effective computing skills are the two main criteria for this course. Sometimes, applicants have to submit a portfolio of their drawings.

Talking about the reasons why I want to take this course, as a child I was very fond of cartoons, I used to draw my impressions of the characters in my school notebook, often getting scolded for doodling. And whenever I went to visit my cousin-brother’s house, we used to play video games all the time. My mother and aunt never understood what we found so fascinating about these immersive games.

But, I guess the biggest appeal is that there is prominent and existing growth in this field. It’s a very new and fresh, growing concept, especially at a time like this when research and development have come to a standstill, this field has just begun. It offers new challenges and certainly new opportunities. I wish to be a part of this progression.


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