IELTS Speaking # Camera

With the smart phones becoming popular, there are more number of people becoming photographers. Some of them click photo for fun, while others click to create memories. There are even some, who require it for their work. The selfie has become a style statement and with so many people becoming crazy over photos, choosing a phone with a great camera is the first requirement. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to importance of camera in phone.

Is it really necessary to have a camera in your mobile phone? Why?

Yes, it is important for me, a camera phone not only allows me to capture those beautiful random moments but also helps me in my work. I am a blogger and require good photographs for my blog. Although, I do have a DSLR but I cannot carry it all the time. In those moments it is the smart phone that come in handy.

Having a camera phone is important but then it also depends on the individual. So, a person who works for a factory is less likely to require a camera for the work. However, in recent times camera phones have become really popular as they allow an individual to capture photographs, more importantly memories, which they cannot take otherwise.

Is it a better idea to have a camera separately? Why?

Sample Answer1: Having a camera separately is important, but only when you are a photographer or require good photographs for some work. For general usage, present day smart phones are developed enough to capture clear, beautiful photographs. Having a phone with camera is much more convenient than a professional camera. It allows you the freedom to easily take it wherever you want and capture the moment as it happens. But, for some one who requires high end photographs, could be a photographer or a blogger. It is always better to have a separate camera.

Sample Answer2: I believe it depends entirely on an individual’s passion. If someone is truly passionate about cameras it is always better to have a device entirely dedicated for the use of camera. However, if all that you need to do is take simple party photos or the ones that you take while you are with your friends, it is much more easier to capture moments in a smart phone.

Is it really necessary to have professional photographers in the media? Why?

A photograph surely speaks a thousand words and a photographer knows it better how to express what exactly is happening in a particular moment. Although, an amateur can take a photo but the one taken by a skilled photographer tends to be better in sense that it expresses the sense and emotion exactly as it happens. With media affecting our lives to such a great extent, it is very important for media to have professional photographers.

Do you think that some pictures in the media are taken by amateurs?

It is very much possible for the pictures to be floating in media be taken by a amateur. For example, a person might be the only one who was present during an event and happens to take the photograph of it. When media chooses to report this, the photo is likely to be used to spread the message. However, in most cases, the media is very much aware of the events taking place and the photographs taken are mostly taken by professional photographers.

I believe when it comes to showing the news about an event that happened accidentally i.e. without any prior warning, like a calamity or an attack. Most of the times it is the photo taken by an amateur that gets floated on media. While, when it comes to photographs that appear in certain media ads, they are taken by professional photographers.

Have people in general become obsessed with selfie?

Selfies have surely taken a big space in our lives. It has become one of the most common things that people do and for some the most important thing to do as well. Right from a wedding to a birthday to any other celebration, selfies have surely come up as those things that people do when they are happy or feel excited about things. You can find people taking their photos when they are bored, sad, happy, crushed or no matter what emotion it be. And, with camera phones becoming better and so accessible it is undoubtedly something that will stay for a long time.

On an average how many pictures do you take in a day/week/month?

I would, on an average it would be around 2 to 3. I am not a very big fan of clicking random photos in mundane life. So, obviously if we are going out on a vacation or something like, I’d prefer taking more photos.

Have you ever hired a professional photographer?

Professional photographer, yes I have hired once, for my brother’s wedding. We were so excited about it that we couldn’t just rely on photos taken by the guests or ourselves to capture the memories. There were good photographers hired and they helped us capture the wedding in the most beautiful way that it could have been.