IELTS Essay # Exploitation Of Children

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Children are being exploited all over the world, for beggary, found in harmful factories and in unhealthy situations.
Write at least 250 words.

The world has progressed in the past few decades but there are certain aspects we still lag behind. One of them is child labour and has been an international concern for a very long time. It damages, destroys and spoils the future of children. However, the number has yet not declined to be ignored. Children are not only found in factories, trafficked, and forced to beggary but often deprived of the basic requirements.

Child exploitation is a major issue in the developing and under developed part of the world. With the countries facing acute poverty, the families are forced to send their children for work in hope of more money. Even more, with the increased crime rate children are easily kidnapped, trafficked and often forced into beggary. In some cases, they are first ill-treated, like their body parts are damaged ensuring they look like beggars. These children not only have to suffer from ill treatment but also the loss of a lovely family.



In case of girls, it has been observed, that they are kidnapped and forced into prostitution, damaging their minds forever. Some are married off by the family members for dowry and in other cases, made sex slaves by their own family members.

Even more, children are being forced into work in factories, like, cracker factory, chemical factory, which are dangerous for their health giving them serious health issues for entire lives. Often a child who has been forced into labor, molds the personality of the individual, making them lose faith in society and good things. As a result, children often end up taking drastic steps like murder, robbery etc. when they grow up.

Overall, child labour is a serious concern and should be dealt with an urgency to make sure that there are no more children who are forced into labor work. It could mean bringing up more schools or making sure that there are jobs for parents or declining crime rates. (325 Words)



IELTS Speaking # Clothing

There are different styles of clothing in this world. Different cultures have their own traditional styles which they prefer wearing and it is all very unique. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to clothing .

What traditional clothes do people from your country wear?

Women in my country tend to wear sari or salwar-suit while men wear kurta-pyjama. Sari is a meter long cloth which is designed in some or the other form and is draped along the body. Salwar suit is similar to the pant and shirt but the shirt is longer and the pant has more space. Similar to salwar suit is kurta pyjama but it comes in different forms.

When do you wear them?

Traditional clothes are worn in normal daily life with most of the people across my country. However, with corporate life striking in, people tend to wear them more during festivals like Diwali or Holi or Raksha Bandhan. Traditional clothes are also worn during marriages.

Are they comfortable?

I think it is more about what you are habitual wearing. People who wear traditional clothes find them more comfortable because they are used to. The ones who don’t wear them often, initially find it difficult, but for the most part, they are very comfortable.

Do you think there’s a difference between” fashion ” and “style” ?

I believe fashion is what is outside, so we have got fashion trends, things that most of the people at a particular time do. Like, wearing scarfs or certain kinds of pins. But, style is what comes from within. So, no matter you are following the fashion trend or not, if you are stylish, you can go a long way. Because, you can very well express yourself and it comes in everything that you do.

How often do you go clothes shopping?

I buy clothes when I need them. So, last time when I went shopping it was because I had to buy a pair of jeans and some kurtis. Right now, I have enough clothes to wear everyday and still not be bored by them.

Would you bring your husband/boyfriend with you when you go clothes shopping?

I would love to, but only when I find that they are comfortable shopping with me. Because, shopping truly is in itself a big task. You have to go shop by shop and then look at different clothes and so many more things. So, if they are happy finding clothes for me and helping me on it, by their wish, I will surely. But, if they find it hassle, I’d prefer going alone or with friends.

What do you like to shop for the most?

Mostly, I shop for books. I am a bibliophile in that way and the moment I finish a book, I jump on to other. Most of the time, I have a buffer of books. So, if in case I am not able to buy a book, I have got a set of unread books at my hand.

Where is your favorite shopping centre?

I think in my city, there is this mall, Pal City Mall, I like going out there when I have to buy lot of things together. Like books and clothes and bags or may be go for parlor as well. It is a nice place with all of these things and the quality of products available is also nice.

What is your favorite brand?

For clothes, I think my favorite brand would be W. I like its kurtis because they are very feminine and subtle and then yet very loud. Also, I feel very comfortable wearing them. When it comes to shoes, I mostly go for either action or bata. I think they are pretty good.

Are you a shopaholic?

No, I am one of those who would shop only when required.

Do you go to many shops before buying one particular item or do you just buy the first one you find?

It depends. You know there are things that just strike your eyes and you are like fall in love with them. It is only when I fall in love with things that I go out and buy them. So, if I find that one thing in a shop I go ahead, but if in any way I am not satisfied I prefer going to the next shop.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with what you wear?

Yes, there is this top that I had and I loved it but I was not very comfortable wearing it because my body structure at that time was such that it was dragging down.

Did your parents ever make you wear something you didn’t like?

Most of the times. I remember as a child I had to wear what they said. There was this top that I had and really did not liked it, because it used to itch a lot when I wore it. But, because it was warm and everything I had to wear it. However,  I think at that time it did not even bothered me as to what I was wearing. Because, joy was somewhere else.

Do you like to go shopping during the sales?

Yes, of course. I mostly go for shopping only during sales. Because, you can get the same thing at a cheaper price, most often 50% less. So, why not!