IELTS Writing Topics # The Final Steps

In the last post of this series we talked about the most common posts that are asked in IELTS writing section. Once you are familiar with them, there is so much more that needs to be done. We have already talked about improving vocabulary based on the topics that have been given. This time we will have a look at the final steps to ensure you get the perfect band!


Practicing is the key to success in IELTS or for that matter anything in life. So, even if you can practice reading and listening, related to the given topics that we listed go ahead. Practice it all. May be you get ideas for the writing section. Either ways, what is the point of practicing something that is unlikely to come in the test.

When reading newspaper, look for the articles related to the given topics, highlight the good vocabulary that is being used in the article. Keep a note of these words and benefit from it.

If you like listening to radio or podcasts find topics related to the common topics.


The more in detail view you have of the given topics, easier it will be for you to write in context of the given topics. So, if you are practicing with a friend in skype, then search for these topics and then practice on them.  It will allow you to practice both the skills and learn about the crucial topics. This can even be a great help for you in the speaking test.


Often times we get asked if studying only the given topics will help students get a good band in IELTS. Well, when you study everything there is much more that you can achieve. However, when you study in a more planned manner , you actually study smarter. This way there are more chances of you being successful in the test.

This surely does not mean that you should not read things that you are passionate about. There is no point in doing things only for a particular motive. Go ahead and read, listen and talk about the general topics or the ones that you like. The point is, practice more on the general topics. But, be sure to not leave the things that you love.

With this we have listed the topics that are common in IELTS writing section and what needs to be done to get a band 9 in IELTS. So, go ahead and practice more on these topics while maintaining a love for the things you like to read.


IELTS Writing Topics # Develop Vocabulary

Writing section in IELTS is considered to be the toughest section. Not only are you judged on the basis of your content but also the vocabulary and the phrases and so much more. But, what if we know what is being asked in the question paper!! Well, that is like the half of the work is done. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the most common topics that are asked in IELTS writing section.

But, does that mean that the questions are repeated in IELTS! No ways, what we are trying to tell you are the general topics. So, for example, health is a general and a common topic that comes in IELTS writing section. There may be a question in IELTS that has to do something with health.

The general topics that come up more often in the IELTS writing section are –

  1. Health
  2. Technology
  3. Globalisation
  4. Education
  5. Youth Crime
  6. Environment
  7. Public Transport
  8. Development
  9. Criminal Justice
  10. Government Spending

We have listed the most common topics asked in IELTS writing section! What next? Are you planning on going through every possible sample answer related to them and learning all of them, as given in the books. Well, as stupid it sounds, it is impossible. More importantly there is no point in doing it this way. So, what? Well, there are few things that you can do.


Nothing in this world can stop you from getting a good score in IELTS if you have a good vocabulary. So, build a vocabulary against each topic. Now, learning vocabulary is not learning the words and their meaning. You need to know the context in which these words are spoken. Make sure that your idea matches the actual meaning. Also, when practicing vocabulary make sure that you look at the word in the sentence and practice the words by  making sentences related to them.

Do it  in your style. Well, this is very important in having a great vocabulary. Everyone has a different way of learning things. Some learn by drawing, others by making a context out of the word. Figure out the way in which you can learn the words. You can make pictures of the words, write antonyms and synonyms related to them. Or make sentences for the words! Go for the way that works for you.


Even more, make sure that you review the words regularly. There is no point in having a vocabulary book and then you don’t even see it often. It is okay to have a few word list(surely not ten) but then make sure you go through them again and again. This will ensure that you remember the words for a longer period of time.

The easy way of doing this is review the word the next day, then a week later and then a month later. This will ensure that the word stuck into your mind.

Remember, a good vocabulary is not only going to help you in the writing section but also the reading and listening section.

In the next post of this series, we will be talking about what more is there in achieving band 9.