IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Knowing Others

We don’t live in vacuum and to succeed in our lives, we need to know people and interact with them. Often when you know the other person well, is when you are able to have a great relationship with them. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to knowing others.

What is one thing that many people don’t know about you?

There are lot of things that people don’t know about me, but I think the one that that has been hidden from a lot of people is that I have failed in school. This is that one thing that many people in my life don’t know about, because I don’t think there is any point in talking about it with anyone.

About how many new people do you meet a week?

There are lot many people that I get to meet in work. There are some with whom I work with in a project and then there are some whom I know through the clubs that I have joined and then there are few who I meet while playing badminton. So, there are many people I meet, but approximately, I think it would be around 10 people.

What do people do when they meet a new person in your culture?

Whenever we meet new people, we like to introduce each other and get to know each other, yet not very formally. There are general topics that people in our culture like to talk about, like, sports, politics or sometimes television.

knowing others

Is it OK to touch another person when you first meet them in your culture?

Not always. There are times when people don’t like to touch each other when they meet with each other in our culture. For instance, often when people opposite sex meet, they don’t touch each other or may be shake hands, especially if both of them are married or in any other committed relationships.

Do business people exchange business cards in your culture?

Yes, people do exchange business card with each other in our culture but that happens only in rare conditions or when two very top notch executives meet. Apart from them, it is rarely that people share their business cards, in the initial stage, often people try to build contacts over phone. When the business starts propelling, people get into business cards.

How far apart do people stand from each other when they talk in your culture?

It depends on who are the ones involved in the conversation. So, if there are two males involved in the conversation, they might not even bother about the distance and same is for women, but when people of two opposite sex interact with each other, then they do ensure that a certain distance is maintained.

Is it impolite to say “No” in your culture if you don’t know someone very well?

Although it is not, but for some reasons, people have brought it into their minds that it is surely impolite when you say no to the other person. So, most often people go about saying yes to everything the other person asks to do.

Do people in your culture use a lot of body language when they communicate, or do they keep their bodies relatively still?

There are both kinds of people that you can find in our culture. So, there are surely some who use lot of body language, most of the times, you can simply tell by their actions what they are speaking about and then there are few who are completely flat by their expressions. So, it becomes very difficult to even understand what they are trying to say by looking at their facial expressions.

Do people in your culture show their emotions when communicating with others or do they hide some feelings?

Most of the times people in our culture are likely to share their feelings with people they care about, but most of the times, it so happens that people tend to hide their feelings, because they don’t want to hurt the people who are close to them.

What can we do to create more understanding and harmony among people in our world?

I think the best way is to allow people to interact with each other and make sure that they are open to all sorts of conversation with each other. Because, it is important to have conversation with each other and then it is also very important to understand the other person’s opinion because until and unless you are open to having conversation, there is no point of interacting and no chance of harmony.

Are you a person who approaches someone first?

It depends. So, there are days when I am happy and in those times I can very easily go and approach the other person but when I am sad or not very confident, I tend to let the world be where it is and only interact with those who want to talk with me.




Letter For IELTS # Leaving Job

You must spend 20 minutes on this task.

You have been working in a company for three years, but now wish to leaving job.

Write a letter to the manager of the company. In your letter –

  • what have you learned while working for the company?
  • did you enjoyed working there?
  • what are your reasons for leaving the job?

You should write at least 150 words.


Sample Answer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to notify you of my decision to leave Raster.

During my tenure of two years, I have enjoyed my work and learnt a great deal. When I joined the company, I began as a fresher and had little to zero knowledge about the corporate life, but after two years, not only the company has helped me grow in technical field but also allowed me to gain significant process knowledge.

It was always a pleasure to be part of the campaign management and planning team. Working under pressure has helped me make better decisions and remain focused no matter what issues come along. The atmosphere of the company is fantastic and every one will be missed.

However, I have got selected for the MBA program at Harvard University and it is a dream come true for me. It will therefore be not possible to work for the company.

I would like to thank you for providing me the guidance and support during the training and working period.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Team Lead

(183 Words)


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IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Interacting With People

There are so many people we meet every day, so many we meet again and again and then some we meet only for one time. No matter whether the people we meet become our friends or just acquaintances, there is some time when we meet for the first time. It is awkward for some to interact with new people, while others can meet confidently. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to interacting with people.

What kind of people do you like to meet?

I love meeting people who have got sense of humor because it is amazing to spend time with them. There is so much of light air when you are around with them. No worries, no tensions, nothing that can stop you, nothing that binds you.

Who was the last new person you met and where did you meet them?

The newest person who has come into my life is Ankit. He has been amazing person to be with. There are times when we laugh together, when we fight together, irritate each other, pin point things to each other and after work, it is always exciting to be with him.

Have you ever experienced being completely wrong in your first impression?

Mostly, I don’t form any first impressions. There are times however, that after some time, I do form some sort of impressions. There was a boy I met, I thought would be very light hearted with no baggage, always laughing. He was someone I thought, who would have always succeeded in life. But, later when I came to know him, I realized how much he had struggled in his life, to be able to smile at it all.

Do you usually shake hands with when you meet a new person?

Yes, I do. I think it is one of the best thing to do because there is a lot of confidence that gets build up when you shake hands and introduce each other.

interacting with people

If you want to get to know people at a party would you go first to people of your own age or people of your own sex?

I would prefer going to people of my own sex, because no matter how many friends of opposite sex I have made. I am still not very comfortable interacting with them. There does comes some sort of road blockage that stops me to interact with them.

What is the favorite topic for new acquaintances in your country?

The most common topic that people have to talk about in my country is either some television serial or may be the general politics. With men, you would find them talking about the world affairs. Like event or something happen or what are the implications of the actions taken by the government. Other than this, people like to talk about sports, especially cricket.

If you are looking for a shallow relationship, where do you usually go to meet people?

If you are looking for shallow relationships, I think the best place to find is in work. Because, when it comes to work, people are more career oriented and are less bothered about the personal life of other individual. In cases like these, there are more chances of finding shallow relationships.

If you are looking for a good friend, where do you usually go to meet people?

I think the best place to find new friends is either in a group or a club. In places like these, you find people who are like minded, the ones who tend to observe things the way you do. And it becomes so much more easier to become friends with them.

In your country, how do you know if you can trust a person that you meet?

Trust is a very big thing and you can never tell for sure that you can trust the other person. However, with time it is something that comes very naturally. You just feel it, feel like trusting the other person.

Do you feel you are outgoing or shy around people? How do you usually act?

I think I am more of both. There are times when I am outgoing and get lot of excited when meeting new people. There are times when I tend to get shy. Mostly it depends on what is going on my head or the kind of person I am meeting. So, if the person is of our age group, I am more likely to interact easily. If perosn is elder to me, I tend to be shy.

How could a shy person overcome their fear of meeting new people?

I think the best way to overcome this fear is by meeting more and more people. When you start interacting with lot of people, then there are surely remove hesitation. If you make mistakes, after some time, you tend to overcome them. You realize how to interact with people and when that happens it is more easier for you to talk with lot of people.