IELTS Speaking Sample Question # Crime

Crime is when a person goes out of the way of society’s decided rules and regulations to do something only for himself or herself. It is when a person becomes too selfish to think of the damage that one’s action might cause to the other person. With so much of awareness coming out, so many shows and so much information available in Internet, the crime rate has increased world wide. Almost everyday, you can hear so much happening, theft, rape, murder, molestation etc. Today let us have a look at some of the questions related to crime.

What do you think the most common crime in your country is?

India being such a vast country there are so many crimes that are slowly becoming common. But, I think eve teasing is the most common crime our country witnesses. In the eyes of law, it might not be a very big crime, but as an individual it kills away your right to freely moving with self respect intact. Most of the times, the women that get raped are the ones that were eve teased by the same criminal.

Should police in your country be stricter or less strict?

In my opinion, it is not about being more strict or less but more about being smart. That is very important. They need to realize ways to stop crime rather than bringing out difficult punishments for the criminals, because we don’t want more of criminals dying but less of individuals becoming criminals.

Is your country a safe country?

Too an extent yes it is. When we look at the world picture, comparatively it is safe. But, on an individual level, I think it is not a very safe country, especially for women. There have been lot of improvement in the state to ensure that the women of the country are safe, but in my opinion, there is so much more that needs to be done.

Have you ever seen a crime? 

I have never seen crime happening in front of my eyes, but yes, there have been videos and newspapers that I have gone through. And if eve teasing is considered a crime, yes I would say I have witnessed it.

Do you think criminals can change?

Criminals in my opinion, can change. Because, it more of the situations that make a criminal. And if the situation of an individual can be changed and education be imparted, criminals can definitely change. But, then there are some psychopaths and innate criminals who cannot be changed. For them, I think the best option is to either give them medical treatment or put them behind bars.

Is shoplifting common in your country?

Shoplifting is very common in my country and especially if you are travelling in the local trains or buses which are often jam packed with people. Criminals in my country are so smart, that most of the times who don’t even realize that you have lost it, until you need the item next time.

What kind of people shoplift and what kinds of things do they steal?

I think there is no kind of a person who shoplifts. Earlier we thought that only poor people shoplift for money, but these days even teenager in the need of money tend to shoplift. So, there are people who steal your wallets, phones, chains, earrings. Anything and everything that is expensive and can be sold for exchange of money, can be shoplifted.

Does your country have a big organized crime group like the mafia?

Yes, there are parts of my country that have big organized crime groups. Like, there is mumbai underworld that is in Mumbai, Maharahtra. There have been lot of criminals who have headed this underworld. Then, there is D-company, which is headed by Dawood Ibrahim with its origin in Mumbai. There are even groups of criminals in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh.

What is the best way for police to keep neighborhoods safe?

The best way to keep neighborhoods safe is the presence of policemen. When almost every area has a policeman standing, I think it becomes more difficult for a crime to happen. Because, at the end, most of the criminals are beginners at some point of time and if we are able to stop them at that moment, I think most of the criminals can be ejected from the society.

Can you tell if a kid will grow up to be a criminal?

No, I don’t think that one can tell if a child will be a criminal or not. Because, you never know what strikes the mind of an individual when they commit crime. There have been cases when people have grown up in criminal families, hating the criminal world and its violence. And then people, who had quite life, but because of certain incidence turned out to be criminals.


IELTS Cue Card # Practical Skill

Describe a practical skill that you have –

  • What is the skill?
  • How often you use it?
  • Who taught it to you?

and explain how it helps you in your daily life.

Sample Answer One

I believe that typing on a computer is the one practical skill that has helped me a lot in the career. I have chosen computer and even in the daily things that I do. My father got us a computer when we were very young and he taught us to type using our both hands. There used to be times when he would dictate me the lessons so that I could understand the lesson as well as improve my typing speed.

There were times, when I would just type for a novel or may be an article in my summer holidays. I might not be the world record holder for the fastest typing but I think I type pretty fast, with minimal errors. Being a software engineer, I think, it is really important for me to be able to type fast. I am not worried about typing the code, but as soon as the code comes to my mind, I go about and type it. This practical skill makes coding all the more fun. Even more, being a freelance blogger, there are times when I have to juggle between both my jobs. It is because of my typing speed that I am able to put down more articles giving me room for some relaxation.

I can definitely say, that typing is that one thing that has actually helped in my life, be it in the IT field or the freelancing thing. It is because of a good typing speed that I am not frustrated over the wrong stuff that gets put up in the computer, the only thing that I need to worry is my work.

Sample Answer Two
We are living in digital world and the one thing I believe has truly helped in leading life is my knowledge of the office suite. So, be it Macintosh or Windows, I am pretty good at the office suite of Microsoft. There are times when I need to prepare presentation on certain things and then days when I need to prepare some other kinds of documents. When that happens, it never is a big deal for me.

I remember my father got us a computer when we were young and my mother was doing a course on Computer Science, so she was learning things like Unix, Powerpoint, Word, C, C++ and out of other languages she taught us very well how to make presentations and documents. So, at the age of 10 or 12 I could make pretty good presentations and that with time has improved.

I think it has truly been very helpful, taken in consideration my career in a software company where you need to make presentations or edit some documents every now and then. Having the skills to make presentations has allowed me to make formal presentations right from the start of my career. It has even helped me get lot of opportunities which might have been skipped other wise.