IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Effect Of Habits

Habits, the one thing that shapes us. We often do become what our habits are! But, then there are so many kind of habits that people develop over time. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to habits.

Do you have any bad habits?

I think I do have my share of bad habits, but the one that tends to affect my work is that I sleep a lot and it becomes quite difficult to get up early in the morning. However, now I am trying to get rid of it by waking up early. I hope I am able to do it.


Do children learn bad habits at school or at home?

I think they can learn bad habits anywhere. It could be home or school,completely depends on what sort of environment they are getting. But, what is important is that either of the place, there are people who can pull them back to being a better person.


Do you cut people off in the middle of their stories and conversations?

No, I don’t tend to do it. But, yes I do ask questions in between stories. It is not always that I simply listen to what they are saying, it is a conversation, where even I am speaking and questioning.

Is it easy or difficult to get rid of a bad habit?

I think definitely it is. Habits are something one forms over a long period of time and banishing them does take time. Because, it becomes part of the characteristic of the individual. But, if one has the determination to do it, nothing can come in between.

Do other people’s bad habits get on your nerves?

Not most of the times, but yes some things tend to irritate me. Like, there are some people who themselves are non vegetarian and try to force it on others and it becomes irritating, especially when you are out on dinner with a group of friends. Sometimes even alcohol gets on my nerves. People tend to do horrific things when they are drunk, some fall down, some slap each other, some misbehave with their family members. These things do irritate me.

Have you been successful in getting rid of a bad habit?

Oh! yes. Long time back I was a TV and a tea addict. I used to watch tv for most of the part and drink so much of tea. But, then for some reasons, I just felt I should quit and I did quit both of them. Although quitting tea was easier for me, tv is something still to be conquered completely.

Is always coming late a bad habit?

I suppose it is, because it tends to bother people who are involved along with you. So, for example if you are late for a meeting, people might get bothered because of you. And, if this happens over a long period of time, people start ignoring your point of view.

What bad habits bother you the most?

Untidiness, food habits and over drinking tends to bother me. Untidiness because I cannot live in a stinky room. Yes, I am not the one who keeps things very orderly but there should be some degree of tidiness in a room or in the way someone keeps things. Also, bad food habits irritate me. There are people who spill food out, chew loudly and then talk when their mouth is full.

What good habits do you most admire?

I really like people who get up early and do exercise. It gives me a feeling that they are motivated towards leading a great life. Also, I love people who share things. I think sharing is a really great deed and people who can do that, even when they have so nimble, is a great thing.


What unusual habits do you observe in your family members? Do they bother you?

My family is full of weird yet lovely people. We all have so many unusual habits. Like my mother, she is obsessed with her plants and take care of them like her own children. You cannot harm them in any way. She would go about watering them and then giving them manure and making sure everything is fine. And then there is my father. He is one of those people who is the most planned unplanned person. So, most of the times he would just inform us he is going a km here or there but then later on would tell us about the exciting places he has gone nearby, like 20-60 km here and there.