IELTS Essay # Foreign Study

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
While studying in a foreign country can bring lot of advantages to the individual there are some negative influences as well of the host culture.
Write at least 250 words.


  1. Studying abroad allows students to comprehend and gain experience beyond the course material set.
  2. A person develops good communication skills, manners and skills that are useful for life.
  3. An individual develops broad thinking and practical outlook on how things work in life.
  4. There are lot of health issues, security problems and cultural beliefs that get struck because of foreign culture.
  5. Chances of drug addiction.
  6. Cultural shock

Education teaches to excel in life, not just the subjects, but teaches how to deal with life. And foreign education is surely a golden chance for an ideal student. It instills in a child the ability to take decisions, stand by them and be more independent. Although, there are several benefits of studying abroad, some issues exist as well.

In the internationally reputed institutes a student gets a chance to learn under the masters of the particular field. In addition, living away from home teaches the child good communication skills, manners and useful lessons for life. There comes in a spirit of Universal brotherhood in the individual. Even more, an individual develops broad thinking and practical outlook that helps him or her to stand  out of the crowd.

However, one cannot deny the negative influences of host culture. There are students who get health problems and sometimes the new environment makes them feel homesick. It might even be possible that his or her religious and cultural beliefs are looked down by the locals, making him or her feel down. Chances of being affected by vices like drinking, free movements and drug addiction exist and people have been trapped in the evils of such practices.

In conclusion, a student should remember the reason for attaining foreign education and try to emulate the positive aspects of the host culture. (227 Words)


IELTS Cue Card # Important Skill

We all are born with certain skill sets. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to skills that can be asked in the cue card section of IELTS speaking .

Describe a skill which is important to you.

You should say:

  • What is it?
  • How difficult it is to learn?
  • How can one learn it?

and explain why this is important to you.

Sample Answer One

There are so many skills that are very important for a person to succeed in life. I believe in today’s world, the one skill set that is very important is communication skill. We are living in a century, where it is all about presenting your ideas, your thoughts and your decisions well. It is all about marketing. So, you might have a great product but fail in communication, leading to an entire failure.

Improving on communication skills is not very difficult however I would say it is very time consuming. You cannot improve your communication skills in just a day or may be a month. It sometimes takes more than four months, sometimes years and for some it is more or less life time learning.

The only way a person can improve on the communication skills is by communicating with lot of people. That requires breaking from the barriers of what the other person might think and more than that it requires lot of practice as well. So, you need to go talk to yourself in the mirror and then may be record yourself and judge yourself. Even more, you need to listen to the great speakers and how they interacted. There is so much that has to be done. From the internal practice that goes on daily, interacting with others and then not losing hope. Improving communication skills is more of a habit than a skill that can be just improved by giving only a certain time to it.

The reason I believe it is the most important skill is because we all have become digitalized, we all don’t have much of time and to grasp anyone’s attention you have got just five minutes and in those five minutes, the ones who are able to attract attention, are the ones who get heard.

Sample Answer Two

The world has drastically changed and the skills which were considered the most important have now lost their importance. And in this shift of skills the one skill that has emerged to be the most important is the ability to use computers well.

With the coming of internet and social media, anyone who wants a job as basic as a receptionist needs to know how to use computers. Because, everything is being stored in the computers and retrieved from it. Gone are the days of register entries, we are in the times when every individual is having a smart phone and they are using it for various works.

Although, there is a certain skepticism in the minds of people regarding the use of computers. I believe the basic use of it can be learnt very easily. So, may be in a month a person can very well type documents, make average presentations and use Internet. This is the most basic and important requirements and can be learnt easily. However, to be able to use computers more effectively, it comes with time. So, the more often you use computers, the better it is.

The one way a person can learn a computer is by using a computer. It is so easy, everything is there in front of you and you have to start experimenting with it. One can also learn computers from a coaching or may be through a friend but I am still of the opinion that the best way to learn computers is by using it. So, one should buy a computer and start using it and exploring it.

The reason I am emphasizing on learning computers is because they make our life very easy and bring along with them lot of opportunities. if one needs to get a good job or even if perform the daily activities easily, computers have become an essential thing for us.