IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Music Lovers

Music is that one thing that binds so many of us. We all have our favorite stars, the ones we can connect to, the lyrics we speak out loud as if speaking our hearts out. There are so many songs that we say describe us or our situation. In short, we are so much in love with music, that rarely one can be found with no songs in the mobile phone. Today, let us have a look at some of the questions related to music.

Who are your favorite bands or artists?

Oh! There are so many of the artist and bands that I love listening to. My favorite being one direction. Other than them, I even enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Mohit Chauhan, AR Rehman, to name a few.

How often do you listen to music?

Very often. I need music while I go for jogging in the morning. It gives me the strength and the pump to keep going when I feel tired. Apart from that, I even listen to music when either I am feeling low or sometimes just because I want to dance my heart out.

When was the last time you bought a song or album?

I have never bought any song or album since, I think, 2002. Back then, when there was no internet it was so much common to buy a album or a cassette for songs. With the coming of internet, it is all about downloading the song and enjoying it.

Do you usually buy albums online or CD’s from the store?

Well, for most part I love going to the store when I buy a CD. Buying from a store, I think is much more fun than buying online. I know that sometimes there are lot of discounts available online but it is the joy of searching through lot of CD’s and then asking people around for reviews and then bringing along friends, that make buying CD’s fun.

Have you ever illegally downloaded music? 

I don’t remember ever illegally downloading music, but I am not very sure because as a child one is not bothered much about piracy. The only thing that matters is that one should get their favorite song. However, now I make sure that if I am listening to a song, I give due credit to the singer by not downloading it illegally.

Do you think it is okay or not okay to download music illegally?

In my opinion, definitely yes, downloading music illegally is not a right thing to do. It is because when a musician sings a song, there is so much more involved than mere singing the song. One has to first write it down and then edit it and then sing it all so that it makes sense to people. Having worked so hard, if the musician does not gets his/her fare due, I think there is no point in talking about equality and fare justice.

What kind of music do you listen to when you want to dance?

Most of times I listen to lyrical music i.e. something that makes sense to me and something that I can connect to. Even more, it should be loud and pumpy because it is only then that there seems a sense of dancing my heart out at it. Slow songs are surely not my type when dancing.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are sad?

Anything that can either make me cry and forget about it all or something that makes me happy and forget about it all. I listen to music to forget the sadness and live life as it comes. So, one can find me listening to songs that fit into the situation well and can make me feel better.0

Is there a certain song or type of music that makes you really energetic?

There are few songs that I really love and do make me feel energetic. But, they are temporary. Most of the times the songs change, but for most part, it is the pop music that makes me feel dancing and jumping and singing my heart out.

Do you think music is getting better or worse?

I think music is changing, there is no point in comparing music with what it was may be ten years back or twenty years back. Every era has its own taste and it might be very much possible that the taste has changed over time.

What kind of music will your kids listen to?

I am not very sure of that, but I think it will be more of trans or remix. Also, with the international market expanding, I think my kids will have a know how about music from entire world.

How do you feel about your country’s traditional music?

I think my country’s traditional music is great as it reminds one of the roots of the country. It talks about the history and shows us how the country has evolved over time. I do really love listening to the traditional music of my country.


Cue Card # future course

Education is the one thing that empowers people and we are living in a time when it is not just about doctors or engineers any more. People are taking so many unconventional courses and doing great wonders. This time let us have a look at the CUE CARD SAMPLE ANSWER for the question asked in RECENT IELTS EXAM.

Making notes

This is something that is going to help you when speaking because not only they give you the structure but also remind you of the vocabulary. Now, there are two parts to the notes that you make.

  1. Vocabulary notes
  2. Detail notes

The topic for the cue card is related to education, courses and your future. Some words, that can help you are –

  • intensive course
  • distance course
  • to meet a deadline
  • take a year out

These are the the answers that you get when you ask the questions to yourself.

Course : photography

Why: help in the blogging business

Where : foreign university like California institute of arts, JJ school of applied arts.

Impact : help in getting good photographs for the blog. make videos and expand the blog.


I had always wanted to do something that I was passionate about. However, the real trouble began when I simply did not knew my passions. So, I took an year out to figure out what really makes me go gaga. In the year out, I realized that I love writing and so started a blog of mine about the travel experiences I was having. With that going on roll, there were certain things the game of blogging told me. Like, you need to be a good photographer as well if you are thinking of planning a travel blog. It just gives you so much more space.

So, I wish to study photography in near time. There have been few universities that I looked on like the University of California and the JJ school of applied arts. They offer some really nice courses and the faculties tend to be really good. Being a good photographer helps in implementing the right thing for the blog. There are times when you get the content looking at the picture. So, when you don’t know the context of the picture you cannot justify the picture.

Even more, when working on a business there is so much more involved in it. One has to learn how to meet deadlines and an intensive course in a good university, just gives  you the right context. With photography, I think I will be able to take the blog to the next level. Bringing in video content like interviews or simply the real true mundane life and writing content to say what the picture could not.


IELTS Cue Card Latest Question # Future Food

Food is something that we love and there are so many things we plan for it. So, may be one wishes to eat a large pizza some day and then there are others who wish to eat an Italian dish. This time we are looking at the latest cue card questions about the food that you will love to eat in the future.

Vocabulary Notes

Thai food


regional variants



Detail Notes

food : rice

wish : want to know how it is made the best in the world

love : helped me survive hostel days


Rice is that one thing that we as Indians truly love and fried rice is the students only remedy of hunger. But, what I thought of fried rice was simply rice with onions and the other things fried together. It was only few months back that I read about the Thai fried rice. Some people consider it the world’s best fried rice.

To make the fried rice, Thai people use jasmine rice and the rice contains meat, egg, onions, garlic and tomato. Although it is has some regional variants they all are considered to be great in taste. On reading more about it, I figured out that they serve it along with cucumber slices, tomato slices, lime and coriander.

The reason I would love to eat it is because I want to know how can someone make a simple thing so different . After all, for years I thought fried rice is made in the same manner all around the world.

The Thai people have this thing about them, they make things like chowmein and fried rice very delicious and I’d like to look at their way of making things that for some time I thought was just a hostler last hope of survival.


IELTS Cue Card Latest Question # Favorite Equipment

We are living in times when machines have made our lives easier. One simply cannot imagine life without them. So, you cannot imagine life without things life oven, fridge, computer or a toaster or may be a thermometer. This time let us have a look at the latest IELTS cue card questions that revolve around your favorite equipment.


Vocabulary Notes



cyber addiction






Detail Notes

favorite equipment : computer

use : blogging, coding, entertainment

why important : is my bread earner. gives knowledge

if not present : tough life.


The world is rapidly changing and from times of stone age we have moved towards the age when we are surrounded by the cutting-edge technology. In today’s world if someone is hesitant in using computer, he/she is likely to lag behind other people. However, this is not the reason why I love computers. My love towards computers is because I believe that they have made our lives easier like never before. Not only this, computers have opened up so many new career prospects that its absence is felt the hard way.

I personally use computers for either coding or writing. There is this thing about coding, it makes you feel as if you are the creator and it is truly an amazing experience. Even more, being a blogger, I need to put content on my site and do things like video editing and other stuff. Having a computer allows me to have the best of both worlds. To an extent, it is actually my bread earner. Not only this, when combined with Internet, there is almost nothing that one cannot achieve. To an extent, the device has actually made me a cyber addict.

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t have computers, there would nothing else that I will be able to do because it consumes so much of me. However, I do have a love for reading so may be I will join some publishing house where articles are printed the usual way. Or may be I could work more on my badminton skills and do something there.