IELTS Cue Card Latest Question # Future Food

Food is something that we love and there are so many things we plan for it. So, may be one wishes to eat a large pizza some day and then there are others who wish to eat an Italian dish. This time we are looking at the latest cue card questions about the food that you will love to eat in the future.
future food

Vocabulary Notes

Thai food


regional variants



Detail Notes

food : rice

wish : want to know how it is made the best in the world

love : helped me survive hostel days


Rice is that one thing that we as Indians truly love and fried rice is the students only remedy of hunger. But, what I thought of fried rice was simply rice with onions and the other things fried together. It was only few months back that I read about the Thai fried rice. Some people consider it the world’s best fried rice.

To make the fried rice, Thai people use jasmine rice and the rice contains meat, egg, onions, garlic and tomato. Although it is has some regional variants they all are considered to be great in taste. On reading more about it, I figured out that they serve it along with cucumber slices, tomato slices, lime and coriander.

The reason I would love to eat it is because I want to know how can someone make a simple thing so different . After all, for years I thought fried rice is made in the same manner all around the world.

The Thai people have this thing about them, they make things like chowmein and fried rice very delicious and I’d like to look at their way of making things that for some time I thought was just a hostler last hope of survival.


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