IELTS Essay # Exploitation Of Children

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Children are being exploited all over the world, for beggary, found in harmful factories and in unhealthy situations.
Write at least 250 words.

The world has progressed in the past few decades but there are certain aspects we still lag behind. One of them is child labour and has been an international concern for a very long time. It damages, destroys and spoils the future of children. However, the number has yet not declined to be ignored. Children are not only found in factories, trafficked, and forced to beggary but often deprived of the basic requirements.

Child exploitation is a major issue in the developing and under developed part of the world. With the countries facing acute poverty, the families are forced to send their children for work in hope of more money. Even more, with the increased crime rate children are easily kidnapped, trafficked and often forced into beggary. In some cases, they are first ill-treated, like their body parts are damaged ensuring they look like beggars. These children not only have to suffer from ill treatment but also the loss of a lovely family.


 Exploitation Of Children


In case of girls, it has been observed, that they are kidnapped and forced into prostitution, damaging their minds forever. Some are married off by the family members for dowry and in other cases, made sex slaves by their own family members.

Even more, children are being forced into work in factories, like, cracker factory, chemical factory, which are dangerous for their health giving them serious health issues for entire lives. Often a child who has been forced into labor, molds the personality of the individual, making them lose faith in society and good things. As a result, children often end up taking drastic steps like murder, robbery etc. when they grow up.

Overall, child labour is a serious concern and should be dealt with an urgency to make sure that there are no more children who are forced into labor work. It could mean bringing up more schools or making sure that there are jobs for parents or declining crime rates. (325 Words)



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