Idioms For May 20

Idioms are such that if you don’t practice them everyday, you are losing more than you gain. So, to ensure that you gain everyday and get a high band in IELTS, lets have a look at idioms for may 20.

If studying abroad ticks you, say a thumbs up to ieltsband7. Read on and figure out what I mean.

Thumbs up
Sentence-: when I asked her about her result, she said thumbs up.
Meaning-: an indication of satisfaction or approval
Under someone’s thumb
Sentence-: He is completely under her thumb.
Meaning-: completely under someone’s influence
What makes someone tick
Sentence-: life is lot more meaningful if you know what ticks you.
Meaning-: what motivates someone.
Be tickets
Sentence-: the dance performance was the ticket to the show.
Meaning-: be the end
Have tickets on yourself
Sentence-: people who have tickets on themselves, if are not humble, irritate others.
Meaning-: be excessively vain or proud of yourself
Spin your wheels
Sentence-: Stop spinning your wheel, and start doing something better.
Meaning-: to waste your time
The wheel of fortune
Sentence-: I don’t know how it happened, may be the wheel of fortune was pointing at me.
Meaning-: The wheel of luck which is assumed to come to you randomly
Wheels within wheels
Sentence-: It might just look simple but trust me it has wheels within wheels.
Meaning-: to indicate that a situation is complicated and affected by other influences
Whip The Cat
Sentence-: You are not responsible for it, stop whipping the cat.
Meaning-: be sorry or moan
Whips Of
Sentence-: I have whips of pens, if you want them you take from me.
Meaning-: large quantity


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