Stay Healthy # Essay Ideas

A healthy person is often described as someone who has a good diet, gets plenty of exercise and avoids stress.

What should people do to stay healthy in your country?

Give reasons for your answer and support by giving examples.

Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy


  • One of the easiest way to stay healthy is by eating right. We often become what we eat and it is very important that we take care of what we eat. Eating a balanced diet i.e. having carbohydrates,fats, minerals, vitamins, roughage, water and proteins helps in the overall development of the individual and avoids any deficiency disease that might take place.
  • With more and more people becoming workaholic, it is very important that they do certain kind of physical exercise daily. This helps people to be away from the diseases the busy life style has given us and also reduce the stress away.
  • It is not only about physical fitness,we at present times need to be mentally fit as well. For this, we can do simple things, such as change the routine of doing things. For instance, change the way we brush or use a different hand to write or challenge oneself by reading harder things, may be an international magazine or a tough literature.
  • One can also reduce stress levels by solving puzzles and playing games of strategy. One might learn a new language or learn how to play a new instrument.
  • Awareness is very important. The best way to fight stress is to know what is causing you stress. If you are aware of it, chances are high that you can avoid them. For instance, if you know that traffic irritates you, avoid going out in time when traffic is busy.

You can add examples of your choice and follow the essay tips to write an excellent essay.


Cars Vs Bicycle # Essay Ideas

Every individual has their own way of writing, and trying to copy someone’s else style won’t lead you anywhere.

Some people believe that it is better to use cars in cities, however, there are others who support bicycle. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.



  • Cars are more time effective as compared to bicycles.
  • Cars are able to transport more number of people and even more, bulky items can be easily transported in cars.
  • With all the new technologies, car have become more comfortable to travel.
  • Cars are a better form to travel for the elderly people who want to save energy for the work, rather on travelling.
  • In cold climates, when temperature drops in or below freezing point, cars are a better option.
  • Travelling by car in a city is often safer because of the frame of the vehicle and safety mechanism can protect the driver.
Cars Vs Bicycle

Cars Vs Bicycle


  • This form of transportation is more environment friendly as there are no fumes to pollute the atmosphere and no fuel is required which can deplete the world resources.
  • Bicycles are a healthier way to travel and consolidate for the exercise people are unable to do.
  • Bicycles are cheap and sustainable form of transportation.
  • Traffic congestion gets reduced if people travel by bicycles.
  • Bicycles are cheaper to maintain.

Now, use these ideas and the tips for writing essay, and go on to write your master piece.


Importance Of Schools # Essay For IELTS

Some people think that schools are merely turning children into good citizens and workers, rather than benefiting them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Write atleast 250 words.


Schools are the second most important place for a child after house. They have a great impact on what a child becomes into. However, some people believe that in present times, the main focus of schools is to turn their students into excellent civilians or employees of the country rather than nurturing their individualism. Although schools are for learning the various aspects of the society, I believe that it depends on more on the individual, how they can turn the situations around for themselves.

Schools are a very important part of our society and impart knowledge to the students. However, people believe that they have simply turned to a place where a child learns how to fit in the society. Firstly, the schools teach discipline which in turn makes children into effective workers. It is also taught to children what is right and wrong i.e. what is assumed to be right or wrong by the society in general. Even more, schools instill the cultural values that are shared by the society. The methodology adapted by schools brings into minds of the students the different ways by which a person can succeed in the job market.

On the other hand, few people are of the opinion that students learn individualism in schools. A school helps children discover their potential. To illustrate, a school organizes various cultural events like painting,dancing, singing or writing. There are even several sports that are played. A child who participates in different functions get to know that their innermost potential. Secondly, after a certain age, a child is allowed to choose the subjects they like, this in turn helps them be prepared for the future. Thirdly, a child through school gets to know the environment in which they live in.

Overall, a school is just a medium of imparting knowledge. It depends on the individual as well other factors such as the environment of the country or the house, which decides the way a child grabs the different education conveyed.


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