IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay: Watching television for long period.

IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay

Some people are watching television for long periods of the day. Give reasons why they do this and suggest what should be done to encourage them to have a more active lifestyle.

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Sample Answer

It has been observed that people are more inclined towards watching television these days. There are many reasons behind developing this habit among people. It has become a serious problem in society. However, few things can be taken to present the adverse effect of this problem.

Nowadays, stress has become a part of everyone’s life. Not to speak of working professionals, even students are also not untouched by this feeling. To release this stress, everyone needs some activity. Television is the best option they find to get entertained. Secondly, women who do not work outside their homes, for them television is a great source to pass their leisure time. Moreover, higher competition amongst satellite channels has resulted in different categories of programmes that attract all age group of people. These days, there are separate channels for entertainment, news, sports, music and sports. These options keep them glued to the screen.

There are few suggestions to resolve this problem. Firstly, one should try to generate new hobbies so that they can utilize their time in some fruitful activities instead of being inactive. Further, people can set some rules in family, for instance, every member should talk to each other and discuss how they spend their days. This custom will not only help them to share their feelings with other members but also family support is going to strengthen them to cope with day-to-day life stress. Finally, those who spend maximum time at home, they can be the part of any social or cultural group where they can indulge in creative activities like painting, music and arts and crafts.

To conclude, though it is true that people are spending more time in front of television. I assert that by implementing the above mentioned suggestions, people can change their lifestyles from sedentary to more active.

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IELTS Writing Task: Organise extra classes for their children

IELTS Writing Task: Extra Classes for Children

Many parents today organise extra classes for their children after school and at the weekends. Do you feel that this is a worthwhile thing to do? Or do you feel children have enough education at school?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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Sample Answer

Nowadays, many parents arrange private tuitions for their children outside the school as they consider that this practice will help their kids to cope with immense education pressure. Not to speak of only parents who are keen to provide extra classes after school hours to their kids, even, schools are also transforming into a full-day study centre. In my views, this practice is causing unnecessary burden on kids.

From last many years education sector has emerged a lot, most schools are not just educated children in the science, languages and mathematics. They concentrate on holistic development of children. Every now and then there are seminars, competitions and extra classes as well as special attention to be given to all the students. These extra-curricular activities always provide great help to students. Additionally, there is a cut throat competition among all the schools to hold the number one position in their city, therefore, they do not leave any stone unturned. They do not show any loop hole in their education system.

However, in some schools due to large number of pupils, teachers are unable to concentrate on each and every student and this search end up by getting additional help from outside. What is more, extra tuitions are always beneficial for weaker students who find it hard to grasp everything related to vast subjects with deeper knowledge in schools. In these cases extra help provided to them after school hours work as boon for them.

To conclude, in few cases children can be benefitted by getting this extra help, studying after school hours, should be encouraged among them. However, pressurising students unnecessarily to get into studies all day is not an ideal idea.

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IELTS WRITING TASK 2 Government or teachers responsible?

WRITING TASK 2 Government or teachers responsible
  • Should the government or teachers be responsible for what is to be taught in schools?
  • Give reason for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.
  • You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer
Whether the school teachers or the government should take the onus of the education imparted in educational institutes is a moot point. I personally believe that both the teachers and the policy makers should play an active role in planning, devising and implementing the curriculum at all levels of education.

To begin with, most of the countries in the contemporary world have a Ministry Of Education which deals with all the matters and policies regarding education. The Ministry appoints academicians and administrative staff who plan and formulate the curriculum for all the classes in the primary, secondary or high schools. Not only that, they also give directions to the schools about the number and type of assessments which will be used to check the students’ progress. Furthermore, this department can make changes and amendments as and when required depending on the feedback received from the schools and parents.

However, the educators who actually teach the students in a classroom situation also play a vital role in the educational system. They are the ones who follow the curriculum and deliver the lectures using a wide range of audio-visual aids. Although curriculum designing is of paramount importance, the value of an effective teacher cannot be overlooked. They can arouse interest and inquisitiveness of learners which helps in better understanding of the topics.

All in all, the government and the teachers together make the educational machinery run. There has to be a close association and cohesiveness between the two in order to increase the level of education of a nation.

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IELTS Essay : Do prisons work ?

Writing task 2


You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In many places, prisons are overcrowded and expensive for governments to maintain. Yet, when offenders are released, they end up back in prison a short while later.

Do prisons work?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer

Imprisonment is one of the most common forms of punishment in several parts of the world. However, the effectiveness of this system has been in question for a long time! A high percentage of prisoners relapse into crime once they are released into the community. In my view, sentencing criminals to time in prison fails in most cases and in this essay I will explain why.

Firstly, offenders enjoy a comfortable life in prisons. Many of them have access to luxuries such as televisions, mobile phones, free internet and sport facilities etc. In other words, instead of being a place where lawbreakers should learn a life lesson, prisons become holiday camps. If the penal system really expects prisons to act as a deterrent, then I think it should be tougher.

Secondly, separation from society is not the solution of problem for most offenders. Take pickpockets and shoplifters as examples. Keeping these petty criminals in the same cells as rapists, murderers or violent criminals actually worsens the situation. This is because after serving their time in prisons, juvenile and minor offenders often turn into habitual and professional criminals.  Sadly, governments and tax payers have to bear the cost of keeping these recidivists (= a criminal who continues to commit crimes even after they have been punished) in jails. I think punishing them through fines, community service or other non-custodial means etc. is a better option.

To conclude, I do understand that criminals who pose a threat to society cannot be allowed to roam freely. For such people, imprisonment is necessary. But, for other offences prison is not the answer. In my view, the severity of the crime committed should be taken into consideration before deciding on the punishment.


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