Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion

are the most common questions asked in IELTS. So go and practice lots of questions based on sentence completion.
Given below are five sentences with some blanks in them. Your task is to complete the sentence with the most appropriate word given in the options.

  1. Innovation would ___ in one trading hub for a while but then stagnate, sometimes because of external predators-roving pirates, invading barbarians but more often because of internal parasites.

    1. perish
    2. palliate
    3. flourish
    4. dramatize
  2. Boomers and their parents also spent their ___ years away from the cities, where newer immigrants tended to gather unlike today’s young people who have become more involved with immigrants.

    1. fantastic
    2. frenetic
    3. formative
    4. idyllic
  3. ____, shy dogs tend to live much longer that bold, aggressive dogs.

    1. febrile
    2. captivated
    3. docile
    4. ferocious
  4. When a mouse catches a whiff of a cat or a rat, it steps away from the direction of the scent, generally backward so it can keep an eye on the ______

    1. predator
    2. cannibal
    3. perfume
    4. swath
  5. Scientist have been able to formulate _ _______in the case of DNA, but definitive research has yet to provide a similar formulation for a finger print or a voice.

    1. fornesics
    2. nostrum
    3. distinctiveness
    4. therapeutic


Do As Directed Questions

Given below are questions wherein what has to be done is given in the question itself. So, go on and

Do As Directed

in the question-:

    1. They should help him. (choose the sentence closest in meaning)
      1. They should be helped.
      2. He shall be helped
      3. He should be helped.
      4. He would be helped.
    2. We could hear a strange noise in the dark. (choose the sentence closest in meaning)
      1. A strange noise could be heard in the dark.
      2. No noise could be heard in the dark.
      3. A strange noise was heard in the dark.
      4. It’s a strange noise.
    3. It is __________ film I have never seen. (fill it up with the most appropriate option)
      1. worse
      2. The worse
      3. The worst
      4. worth
    4. Ten years ago, I _____________ in Scotland. (fill it up with the most appropriate option)
      1. Have worked
      2. worked
      3. Had worked
      4. Will work
    5. I __ quietly ________ when the fire started.
      1. Have been reading
      2. Had read
      3. Was reading
      4. read




Explanations 101

Knowing the right answers is not enough. Explanations make learning better.

Explanations 101

  1. The clue in the question is threatening. While there is no indicator to fit illicit, cosmic is irrelevant. Only D is correct choice.
  2. The blank is followed by the words even revolutionary, which clearly point at A as the right choice.
  3. The correct word should be a synonym of domestic activates. Hence, d is the correct option.
  4. The right choice should be similar to resistant or reluctant. The clue is but followed by more seriously and this makes C as the right choice.
  5. The key part of the question is ‘although.. in an orderly sequence’. Hence we have to check and option which is opposite to orderly. Hence the right option is varies.

Don’t cram, understand it. The better you comprehend, the higher you achieve.

Practice Vocabulary -101

Do you want to achieve great band in IELTS. Well, in that case go on practice vocabulary and find the right word.

Practice Vocabulary

    1. New research reveal that as threatening as they may feel, _____________ relationships can often enhance social and emotional development more than they can impede.
      1. illicit
      2. harmonious
      3. cosmic
      4. Cross-cultural
    2. Google’s __________ for collecting vast amounts of data about its users and their online habits has prompted increasing fears that Google could become a threat to consumer privacy.
      1. Counter-hegemonic
      2. histrionics
      3. appetite
      4. ingenuity
    3. Working women who double as care givers still carry a disproportionate load of household ________, even as men have begun shouldering responsibilities.
      1. groceries
      2. ceremonies
      3. frugalities
      4. chores
Practice Vocabulary-101

Vocabulary Words

    1. Some wealthy investors are still ___________ away from the stock market, but others consider the recent yo-yo streak a blip and are thinking more seriously about equities.
      1. whiling
      2. screening
      3. shying
      4. blistering
  1. Although adolescent maturation and developmental states occur in an orderly sequence, their timing ______ with regard to onset and duration.
    1. lasts
    2. varies
    3. falters
    4. accelerates

1- 4
2- 3
3- 4
4- 3
5- 2

1 177 178 179 180 181 198