Correct or Incorrect ?

In each of the following pairs of sentences, one sentence is correct, and the other incorrect. Choose which you think is correct in each pair and then look at the answers to see if you were Correct or Incorrect :

a. The government should improve public transport.
b. Government should to improve public transports.

a. I go to shopping everyday.
b. I go shopping everyday
a. I like playing computers.
b. I like using computers.
a. I am not liking hot weather.
b. I don’t like hot weather.ANSWERS

1. a
2. b
3. b
4. b 084390 00086 , IELTS Band7, 323, GMS Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

True/False questions for listening test

Have a look at these other ‘traps’ that you can get in True/False questions for listening test:

i) Changing the modifier only


All students have to register before 08 August.

Most students have to register before 08 August.
Answer: False
ii) Changing the answer twice.

Peter decides to go to the cinema.

PETER: Let’s go to the cinema, there’s a new film on.
JANE: I’d like to go to the theatre instead to see the play.
PETER: OK, that’s fine, we’ll go to the theatre.
JANE: Great, thanks, oh no – maybe the cinema would be better.
PETER: OK – the cinema it is then
JANE: Are you sure?
PETER: Yes, sure. No, the theatre – definitely!
Answer: False 084390 00086 , IELTS Band7, 323, GMS Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

Pie Chart FAQs For Writing Test

Task 1: Pie Chart FAQs for writing test

Many candidates write about every detail in a pie chart in a list format. This means that their sentence structure is very limited and they can’t get more than a Band 5.

Are pie chart questions more difficult than other Task 1 questions?

No, not really – they might appear more complicated visually because of the way they represent information and also because pie charts are normally in questions with more than 1 set of data, but they are no more difficult (or easy!) than other Task 1 questions.

Do I have to include all of the information in a pie chart?

No, you don’t. Pie charts often have categories such as ‘miscellaneous’ and ‘others’; you don’t have to include these areas in your answers because it’s not really clear what they refer to and they are normally included just to make up 100%.
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The IELTS test is a test of English accuracy. Although many people may be very conversant in daily life, the accuracy of their language often needs attention. In the IELTS test, a sentence with basic grammatical mistakes could be considered as example of inability by an examiner.

This is especially true in the speaking test where candidates often forfeit accuracy for quantity in a bid to impress the examiner. Although you should not worry unnecessarily about making sure your grammar is 100% perfect in every sentence you speak, awareness of basic mistakes people make will help you consider your choice of words. 084390 00086 , IELTS Band7, 323, GMS Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
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