IELTS Essay # Further education or work experience

IELTS Writing task Essay

Further education or work experience. 

It is more important to invest in further education rather than to gain work experience after finishing university in order to find a good job.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Giver reasons for you answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer

There has always been a quintessential debate about the best form to get a preferable job. Some agree that going for higher studies is beneficial. While some oppose as they consider getting hands on experience more valuable. Overall, I believe that both scenarios of academic qualification and work skills have their own advantages for securing a desirable future.

Many people question the value of a college degree even though it is still one of the only investment that guarantees a return. Education improves our knowledge for the field we choose thereby improving our efficiency. For example, in order to get promotion and deliver lectures, a lecturer needs to get a graduate degree, masters’ degree and a doctorate degree respectively. It is not possible for a university graduate to get a job at a college. Clearly, higher studies equip students with technical skills and theoretical knowledge that can provide a prospective career. It will definitely respond to a broader set of goals and provide both tangible and intangible benefits not only for the person but from their family as well.

On the other hand, there are some occupations that give more importance to skill acquisition and work experience of an individual. Sectors like sales and marketing consider experience as the best kind of knowledge, for instance, an experienced salesperson will be more productive for the company. It is a fact that job experience helps the student to prepare for a wider competition of the world apart from academics. For example, IT (Information Technology) sector will not be productive if the person does not have the knowledge to operate the software.

In my opinion, though higher education can be expensive, especially for students with low financial background, it is an investment that will be fruitful in all ways. The long-term benefits of further education like a better lifestyle and standard of living will outweigh the costs of the degree.   

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