IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Advertisements

You should spend one minute for making notes.

Describe an unforgettable advertisement (that you saw or heard).

You should say:

  • what kind of advertisement it was
  • what the content of the advertisement was (or what product or service was advertised)
  • where you saw or heard it

and explain why you think this is an unforgettable advertisement.

  • an advertisement about the growing distances in relationships
  • talks about how by simple ways we can bring people closer
  • starts of with few people making fun of a Hindi accent while eating
  • moves on to some policemen eying at their senior, for not taking their food
  • then a college student who broke a line but then brings food for the person standing ahead of him
  • then a mother who was making her son eat sees a poor child and offers food for him as well.
  • beautiful ad. In simple words, shows how by simply sharing we can lighter off the mood
  • watched it randomly on youtube
  • it pans across all the generations and time. Because food is one thing that we all cannot live without. Sharing it brings love.
  • Word-of-mouth
  • memorable
  • social media
  • goes viral
  • mass media

Advertisements have always grabbed my attention, be it the ones that came on television or the newer age one’s coming in youtube. Most of the advertisements in present time revolve around a story and have a call to action. One such commercial was of Smarak Ata. I can recollect clicking on the link randomly on youtube.

It began with a background of office, where three people made fun of their colleague for his poor accent and move on towards college where a person breaks the line. The one standing behind was from North Eastern states of our country. Sadly, but there are some stereotypes that people have for them. On breaking the line, the person brings food for him. The next story is that of a police officer who is busy and his juniors eye on him. He simply goes up to them and shares their food. it brings smiles to everyone’s faces and they feel a connection. The ad moves on how a mother shares the food for her child with a poor person. Towards the end, the people making fun of the person with a poor accent, share his food.

The commercial went viral when it came and was released in the mass media of internet. It had a simple and a beautiful message for all of us, that sharing is indeed caring. And we do not need to take big steps to finally make changes and make this world a beautiful place. It is all about sharing and the small acts of kindness and courtesy and love that we do, that make difference.

The reason I believe it is memorable is that it pans across all generations, almost everyone can connect with it. It seems to be one of those advertisements which when people will see even after 100 years, would be able to connect with.


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