Snacks # Speaking Sample Answer

Topic like snacks are more likely to be asked in the first section of the speaking test. Let us at some of the questions and their possible answers.

Do you likes snacks?

Sample A: No, not really. I eat less but often so I usually eat something that is healthy and more importantly fits well into my diet.

Sample B: I love snacks. I think they are the best way to escape that small hunger that creeps in every few hours. A light and healthy snack helps me feel refreshed.

Sample C: I would say, I stand in between. Neither do I hate eating snacks and neither are they very important for me. I would eat them if I have nothing else to eat or if I am in that mood. But, if I get something healthier I will go for it.

What kind of snacks are popular in your country?

Sample A: I guess people in my country usually like heavy snacks. So, one can find them eating samosa that is stuffed potato or stuffed chapatis. People also like having tea with either pakodas or biscuits.

Sample B: I suppose official people and corporates usually eat junk food because that is what they really get but the locals like to eat home made things for snacks like stuffed chapatis or papad.

Do you think eating snacks is healthy for your health?

Sample A: I think it all depends on what you are eating. So, if one is eating fruits in between the meals, I think it is fine. Also, some people don’t take full meals but rather prefer eating small meals more number of times. So, in that cases eating healthy snack is your way out.

Sample B: I suppose eating snacks is not the healthy way out. No matter what you are eating in snacks. Most of the times people find it as a way out to escape from work. So, when they are bored they go out and eat. It is both unnecessary and harmful.

How often do you eat snacks?

Sample A: My job requires me to sit form 9 till 8 in the evening. So, I go and have some snacks mostly at around 10 and then near 5 in the evening. I don’t prefer having snacks every hour and take them only when required.

Sample B: I love eating snacks. One can find me going in search of it every hour or so. My room is usually filled with lots of fruits and juices because I think they are really important if one needs to feel healthy in today’s era of rush.

How do you choose what snacks to eat?

Sample A: I like eating fruits and carry them with me or keep them in store for need. So, I would eat them raw or make a fruit chat out of them or juice, whichever seems easier and appropriate for the time.

Sample B: I am not very fussy about the snack that I eat. I usually go to the shop or the canteen and order randomly. The only thing that I am bothered about is the price. I just want cheap food that fills my appetite.

Did you ever eat snacks when you were a child?

Sample A: Yes, I did. But I remember back then it was my mother who used to prepare snacks so they used to be very healthy. Most of the time we used to get milk with fruits or any other juices.

Sample B: I never had time for snacks back then. We used to be so much engrossed in either studying or playing that food was a mere necessity which had to be fulfilled 3 or 4 times a day.

If you had a child, would you allow him/her to have snacks?

Sample A: I think definitely yes. Snacks are a good way to eat things you might avoid during full meals. Like fruits and other beverages. But, yes I will make sure that they eat only healthy stuff.

Sample B: I would prefer that they don’t eat too much of snacks but I don’t think I would be the strict parent forcing them. It would be their choice but from my side I would try my best that they eat only healthy food.

Have the snacks people eat changed over the last few decades?

Sample A: I think definitely yes. There has been a major shift in the economies of countries and with globalisation happening all around, what we eat has surely been influenced. Few decades before people preferred avoiding snacks but with changing times people started having home made stuff. But in recent times one can find people eating burgers and hot dogs and all the other fast food.

Do you think all snacks are junk food?

Sample A: Defineltely not. I think most of them are but then one can even eat fruits or juices for snacks and I think they are a perfect way to stay healthy.

Sample B: I think yes. Even if they are healthy foods like fruits eating too often is not the right way of eating, according to me. It not only distracts you from work but also creates a habbit of regularly eating.


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cue card # describe a time when you were late

Punctuality is the most important thing in life. Someone who is not punctual is more likely to fail in life than others. You can have almost anything with you but if you are not punctual, then there is no coming back from there. You can be the most talented or the most hard working, but if you are not punctual, you are bound to fail. This time we are looking at a IELTS cue card that talks about the importance of being punctual in life.


IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you were late for something important.
You should say:


  •  When it was ?
  • why were you late?
  • who you managed the situation?

Explain, how you felt about it?

Sample Answer

late Time

Usually, I am quite punctual. But, one day I was really late for an important appointment. Today I will talk about that incident.

Two months ago, I appeared in the IELTS test. My speaking exam was scheduled on the 13th June, Monday, 9:00 am. I was supposed to report at the test venue, hotel JSR continental, Dehradun, at 8:30 am.

It rained heavily on Sunday evening and the weather forecast predicted incessant rain for a few days. Considering the bad weather, I set the alarm for 6:00 am and went to bed early. I was feeling very nervous and I couldn’t sleep well. Despite that I woke up on time. After getting ready, I left the home to catch the bus. When I reached the bus station, to my surprise, there was no bus and many commuters were stranded.

It was quite chaotic as nobody knew the reason why buses were not plying as usual. It was 7:50 am and I was still at the bus station. My anxiety was increasing enormously because there was no other mean to reach Dehradun from my village. Fortunately, a bus arrived and we boarded the bus. It took a lot of time to reach Dehradun as there was a head-on collision of a truck and a car on the main road. Looking at the site, I understood the reason why buses were running late.

Finally, I reached the center at 8:55 am. I explained the situation to the center manager and requested him to allow me to appear in the interview. He was very understanding. Later, I was given the permission to give the interview. Even though I was very late but I didn’t lose hope. In the end everything worked out well. I did my best. I thanked god for everything and went home happily.


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FAQ: Clear Your Doubts About Speaking

There are so many facets in speaking that one often does not realise what is the reason for getting a low band in IELTS. Sometimes it is because of your vocabulary, the other times because you lack confidence and then so many more. But, then you are not alone. There are so many individuals giving IELTS and all of them have so many doubts. Today, lets have a look at some of the most often raised doubts and their answers.
Q1: I have been scoring band 6 in the speaking section for the past four tests that I have given. Having worked at almost everything, from vocabulary to pronunciation to accent, I don’t still realise why I am not getting good band.

Now, in this situation, any of the sane person would lose hope. After all the person asking the question has done everything, right? So, we took a mock speaking test of the person. The candidate truly did had everything. She spoke with fluency, her pronunciation was good and vocabulary was at part. But then there is this one thing that she was lagging at. Often when giving speaking test we forget that it is not only speaking, but speaking plus listening. It is important to give an answer, but what is more important is that you understand the question completely. In this case, the candidate was not able to comprehend the question being asked entirely.

Make sure you understand the question completely, before you answer it.

Q2: It is easy when we are talking with friends. The answers and the posture and the vocabulary, everything comes out very easily. But when it comes to exam, I tend to fail. There are so many thing that I want to say but only thing that I can do is stammer. 

This is something that we all face, don’t we. No matter how great speaker you have become, but there must have been a time when you were learning. We always can speak so more confidently with people who we are comfortable with but with strangers, the fears start creeping in. So, what should be done?? Breathe more, take pauses while you are speaking. Make sure the pauses are of less time. Take rehearsals of your exam. Record yourself and listen. You will understand where you are lagging behind.

It takes time to improve. Give it your all.

Q3: Is there any easy way to improve pronunciation?

Practice is the only easy way. Talk louder and slower when talking with people. It will be easy for them to understand. Practice reading loud. You can read some novels or newspapers, anything that interest you. Go on talk with customer care people or some English company to know about the product. They certainly do have an accent and being able to strike a conversation with them will help you lot.

Download podcasts. Listen to them and try to mimic them. Repeat entire sentence along with them, copy the speed, style and pronunciation. Then try to incorporate it in your way of speaking so that you sound more like a native speaker.

Practice copying the native speaker.

Q4: Do we need to use transition words when speaking? I mean is it necessary?

No, of course they are not necessary. The reason why students are asked to use transition words is to ensure that the answer is structured, because a structured answer is very important in IELTS speaking. But, then if you are able to structure your answer in any other way, it is completely fine.

Structuring the answer is important, it does not matter how you do it. Transition words being the easiest way out.

Q5: Do I have to answer all the questions in the IELTS Cue Card?

Yes, you have to. Work through all of them, each of the bullet point, say something or the other. Some sentences, details, something related to your personal history, to display your vocabulary and grammar sense. In this way, you can show case your English talents in the most natural way, which examiner tend to love the most.

Q6: Should I avoid repetition of words?

When we say we don’t want to do it, we do it more often. So, don’t think too much about repeating words or for that case not repeating words. Try to avoid them but don’t be overwhelmed or start panicking just because of it.

Avoid repetition, but don’t panic.

The more naturally you speak the better it is. But then make sure it is in your nature to speak good English, to get high score in IELTS.



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IELTS Speaking Sample # Job

Job is that area which will be questioned of you are already in a job. So, if you are and applying for a new job abroad or going for studies, you might be asked the following questions-

What is your job?

I work as a System engineer in one of the leading companies of our country, Infosys. My area of work involves data cleansing, mining and analyzing. While working in different projects, we often get data that is not up to the mark and is difficult to make any predictions on. We clean it, as in, make it suitable enough so that it could be understood well and further reports or queries can be made.

I am a freelance travel blogger and have a website wherein I upload the videos and the posts of all the places I visit. Most of the times it is the interviews of the local people of the place who tell me about their culture and their opinion. Other times there are photographs of the places and the people.I think it is a great job to do. You know, one gets to know lot of people, their opinion, the real opinion. And the best part is every day is a new day.


What do you do?

I work as a System Engineer at one of the leading MNCs of our company.

What are your main responsibilities?

My work involves analyzing data to make sure that data is accurate and consistent throughout. Once the data involved has been cleansed, it is finally loaded into the data warehouse.

What do you do everyday?

I get up at around 5 in the morning and then for the next three hours, work on myself, my body and soul. Once I am prepared, I go on to the job where I work till 6:00. On reaching home, I either read novels or work on my blog.

I get up early in the morning and get ready for the class that I attend for improving my English. The class usually begins at around 9 and continues till 13 hours. Once back from my class, I read novels and try to work on my vocabulary. After that, I revise for the class, practice some questions. During evening, I go to play badminton with my friends and enjoy some quality time with them.


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