Level 0 # Speaking Section

Speaking section of IELTS consist of three sections. However, before the actual speaking section of IELTS begins, there is this part where you will introduce yourself and greet the examiner. Well, although nothing much can go wrong here and neither you are marked much on this section, but answering it right will help you to achieve higher band.

In this section, the examiner will introduce themselves by saying either of the following things –

Good after noon, my name is this.

Could you tell me your full name?

You need to answer,

Good afternoon, name of the examiner. My name is

You may or may not give the name of the examiner.

NOTE –  

  1. If you are going to use the examiner name don’t use titles. For example, miss, Mrs., Mr. but if you don’t feel comfortable saying the examiner’s name, it is completely fine.
  2. When telling your name, you can say either of the following sentences –

My name’s anmol.

Now, did you saw, I said my name’s and not my name is. This is part of pronunciation. Using contractions is a part of higher level of pronunciation. Doing so, will help you in having a good impression over the examiner.

Note – Speak your name clearly. Smile properly and look in the examiner’s  eyes while answering, but make sure you don’t stare.

The second question that you will be asked is What can I call you?

There are three ways you can reply –

  1. You can call me ..
  2. Just call me ….
  3. Please call me ….

Note- Please don’t explain why people call you this.

There are many people who have an English name apart from a vernacular name. They can say – You can call me by my English name

The third question is Where are you from?

Or Could you tell me where you come from?

  1. I am from India
  2. I come from Honk Kong
  3. I come from ….
  4. I am from Calcutta which is in the east of India.

Note -It is good to add little bit information.

“which is in the” is a clause. Using it will help you in getting higher marks. Don’t expand any further.

Don’t ask examiner questions.

Don’t give recommendations.

Use English pronunciation of names. Don’t use vernacular word.

The fourth question asked is Could I see your identification?

Or Can you show me your identification?

You can answer this question as –

  1. Here you are
  2. Sure, here you are
  3. Of course, here it is.

Note –

Keep the answer short.

ID is identification

It is possible to say nothing and give your id but it is better if you say something.

So, go on do the right things and prove your metal in IELTS.



Topics For Speaking Part I

The first part of the speaking section, consist of general questions and lasts for 4-5 minutes. The questions asked are the ones that are usually related to the person, and are there, to  merely check, how well the person can express himself or herself in day to day situations. So, let us have a look at some of the topics asked in the first section of IELTS Speaking.


  • Where do you work?
  • Why did you choose that job?
  • Is it popular  in your country?
  • Do you like your job?
  • How well do you get along with your colleagues?
  • What was the first day at job like?
  • What responsibilities do you have at your job?
  • If given the chance, will you change your job? Why?


  • What do you study?
  • Why did you choose that subject?
  • Is it a popular subject in your school?
  • Do you like that subject?
  • What kind of bond do you share with your subject mates?
  • How was the first day at your school like?
  • What are the main aspects of your subject?
  • Do you plan to getting a job in the same subject or you want to change your subject?


  • Where is your hometown?
  • Do you like your hometown?
  • How often do you visit your hometown?
  • What is your hometown like?
  • What are the places to visit in your hometown?
  • How can your home town be improved?
  • Has your home town changed with time?
  • How are the transportation facilities in your hometown?
  • Do you think your hometown is a good place for growing children?


  • Where is your home and of what kind?
  • Whom do you live with?
  • How many rooms are their in your home?
  • Do you have a single room or you share your room with someone?
  • How are the walls of your home decorated?
  • Is there anything you would like to change about your home?
  • Do you plan to live there in future?
  • What facilities are available near your home?
  • Do you plan to live there in the future?
  • What is your neighborhood like?
  • Do most people live in houses in your country?


Stage You Loved # Speaking Section


Which stage was it?

Why was it glorious?

How you enjoyed it and say what lessons you learned?


Every one passes through different types of situations in their life. It is either weal or woe, but no matter what it is, the faith to continue counts. I remember one stage in my life which was really enjoyable and full of fun for me. It was after I completed my college and was trying to figure out things for myself in terms of what should I do with my life.

This was the time, I did content writing for a company, adding content to their websites. It was complete fun because I was doing something I was very passionate about i.e. writing and was getting paid for it. Even more the blog that I had started a year back, finally started getting 500 visitors every day adding more to my income. I made new friends, met like minded people and learnt a lot about the thing I loved the most. I remember, I even got a chance of writing a script for an advertisement and go on to shooting and see how set looks like.

The entire mood of that time was great. I was in love with the work I was doing and achieving things in it and even more it taught me valuable things for my life. I learnt that once you have your heart out at something, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. It was during this time that my convictions that you must do what you love became strong. I guess this was the time that marked a new beginning for me and has helped in shaping my life, the way it is now.


Books # Discussion Topic

Books are something every one reads. You can either love them or hate them, but it is impossible that you haven’t ever read them. So, most probably, you are going to have questions on Books in your IELTS speaking section. Today, we shall look at some of the questions that can be asked.

  1. What kind of books do you like to read?

I would say I am a voracious reader. I love fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poems, everything. The only thing that is important and that matters to me is that the book should be good. And a good book according to me is something that serves a purpose. I have read books that were neither hilarious, nor had any message and not even any specific start and end. For example, sometime back I read Archies Comics. They were both hilarious and I could actually take help from it in the decisions I made.



2. Do you read the same kind of books now that you read when you were a child?

Yes to an extent. I do read the same types of books that I read earlier, but now the content that I read has improved. For example- if I read a biography of Gandhi when I was young, but now when I read it, I chose the book written by a better writer who could express the life of Gandhi in a much better way.

3. When do you think is the best time to read?

I think any time is the best time to read. Any time you feel like reading because for me reading is something that gives me the peace required. It helps me settle down a bit and figure out the next thing I want to do or take a decision I would like to take. I have a set of my favorite books and then some of the pages that I really like, so I read them when I feel out of my mind. Other then that, to read something new, I prefer a quite place, usually in the morning.


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