IELTS Speaking cue card: A goal you achieved

IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A goal you achieved

Describe a goal you achieved which was set by yourself. You should say

  • What the goal was
  • When you set it
  • Why you set it
  • And explain what you did to achieve the goal.


Goals play an indispensable role in our life. Here, I’d like to talk about a time when I set the goal of reducing my social media usage.

In general, I’m not very active on Facebook, Instragram and other social platforms. But, last year during winter vacations I started spending a considerable amount of time on Facebook. Long discussions with friends about the latest Hollywood movies, reality shows and celebrities became a daily routine.

Initially, it was full of fun and I didn’t think that it could affect my studies. Within 4 weeks, however, the whole situation changed. My performance in the preliminary exams conducted after the holidays was very poor. I failed in 2 subjects: physics and mathematics.

The reason was obvious to me. The holidays that were meant for final exam preparation were wasted in social networking and chats. Certainly, if I’d studied hard, this wouldn’t have happened. On the way to home, a big dilemma prevailed over me: Should I show the report card to my parents or not? Despite knowing that it was wrong, I chose to hide the result. Had they seen it, they would’ve been very disappointed. That day I set the goal of decreasing my social media time and study well. 

To achieve my goal, the first thing I did was to deactivate my Facebook account temporarily. Setting up a timetable was the next phase of the plan. For months together, I chased the lost time. In the end, the outcome was positive – I passed the final exams with excellent grades. Even though it may seem small, it was a big goal for a 14-year-old high school student. At last, I decided to show the hidden report card to my parents along with the final report card. They seemed to be proud that I’d noticed my own faults and worked upon them, but they also stressed that they were my parents for a reason and I ought to come to them when such a mistake occurs.


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