IELTS Speaking: Part 3 questions related to work of art you saw

IELTS Speaking: Part 3 questions related to work of art you saw

The examiner may ask questions about the works of art (e.g. paintings, sculptures and monuments). Here are a few art related questions.

How do people in your country feel about art?

Answer: Unfortunately, art is the least popular subject in my country. People don’t appreciate art very much. Sadly, artists are often neglected and their work remains unrecognized.

Answer: Art holds a special place in my country. In fact, there are many museums and art galleries where a wide range of local and international works of art are displayed. People from all walks of life visit them. They love art and appreciate artists.

Do people in your country prefer music over art?

Answer: Yes, they do. Music is an integral part of people’s life. Indians love all genres of music like classical, rap, pop, rock and jazz etc. I’d like to mention that young and old people have different tastes in music. The young generation enjoys fast music with beats whereas the elderly listen to slow and soothing music.

Are older people more interested in art than younger people?

Answer: Considering the inclination of young adults towards technology, I’d say that the elderly value and love art more than young people. But, I’ve been to many foreign art galleries and museums, I always found them full of teenagers, adults and old people. So, it’s quite difficult for me to decide if age can change people’s views about art or not. May be, it depends on the popularity of art at a given place.

Should the government provide support for art and cultural activities?

Answer: Art and cultural programs help people connect with their cultures. For keeping our cultural diversity alive, artists must be promoted at all levels. Any kind of support, in the form of money or resources, will enable artists to make a decent living and earn respect in society.


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