IELTS Cue Card # Job you would not like

IELTS Cue Card # Job you don’t want to do

Talk about a job you don’t want to do in the future/ a job you wouldn’t like to have. You should say:

  • What job it is
  • What skills are required for this job?
  • And explain why you don’t want to do it in the future.

IELTS Cue Card Job you don’t want to do  BEST COACHING IELTS BAND7 DEHRADUN

Sample Answer:

In a way, almost all jobs are meant for making a livelihood, raising a family or fulfilling someone’s dream. Saying that a given profession is better than the other seems quite unfair to me. Certainly, a lot of factors like interest, knowledge, skills and circumstances drive people towards a career. In fact, multiple careers are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to work in a Business Process Outsourcing, commonly known as BPO. It is a business practice in which big companies sign contracts with smaller organizations for providing specific services to its customers. Attending phone calls of the customers for solving service-related problems or lodging a complaint is one of the most common types of services offered by the majority of BPOs.

A minimum level of education required for working in a BPO is not very high, even high school graduates can also be accepted. But, excellent verbal communication skills in English are a must for anyone who wishes to be a part of any BPO. Patience is another important trait required for working efficiently in this sector.

The main reason why I don’t wish to join a BPO is that receiving phone calls from irate customers is an integral part of the job. Callers won’t listen to you. They have the liberty of using any kind of abusive language and we’ve to follow a strict code of conduct and remain calm. On top of that, they expect an immediate remedy to their issues. No matter how trained/skilled we are, after a while frustration takes over. In my view, this kind of job can lead to mental health problems and also degrade the quality of one’s personal life. I know many people who left their BPO jobs because of the high-stress levels they experienced on a day-to-day basis.

To sum up, like every other work, this job has its own pros and cons. A little change in customers’ attitude towards service providers can make BPOs a desirable workplace, but I doubt this would ever happen.


IELTS Speaking Part-3, Follow-up questions about jobs

Q1 What is your dream job?

Answer: I wish to become a computer engineer. Computer science and engineering has infiltrated into every aspect of our life. Right from our day-to-day communication to the most advanced space missions, every single field encompasses devices and software designed by computer engineers. I wish to be a part of this progression.

Q2 What factors do people take into consideration while choosing a job?

Answer: Based on what I’ve observed so far I can say that salary and growth opportunities are generally considered as the major decisive factors in finalizing a job. This is particularly true for skilled individuals like managers and computer professionals. Given the high rate of unemployment, sometimes people apply for odd jobs which are not at all related to their educational qualifications or skills. Altogether, being selective or ready to accept anything that is offered has a lot to do with our circumstances.

Q3 Is job satisfaction important? Why?

Answer: Yes, certainly it is. Most people spend a large part of their life in working for an organization. A high level of job satisfaction has a positive effect on people’s well-being and their overall productivity. Aristotle‘s quotation would be ideal for this situation – ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work’.

Q4 What skills do you think are needed to get a good job these days?

Answer: I’d like to emphasize that each profession has its own skill requirements. Nevertheless, given the fact that English has become a lingua franca, good communication skills in English have become a must for almost all types of well-paid jobs. Apart from this, I think, effective computing skills can be very helpful in distinguishing our profile from others.

Q5 Do you think women should be able to do all the same jobs that men do?

Answer Both males and females are the creation of god. In my view, both genders are equally able to do any kind of jobs. The existing system of male or female dominated occupations is not a new phenomenon; it’s been happening for centuries. Fortunately, the situation is changing now and women are proving their true potential in all fields.


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