IELTS Letter # Best Employee

Every year, someone in the company where you work is chosen as best employee. Your manager has asked staff members to make suggestions about who should be chosen this year.
Write a letter to your manager. In your letter
• Identify a colleague who you think should be best employee
• Explain what the job of this colleague involve.
• Give reasons why the colleague should be chosen as best employee.

Best Employee IELTS Letter

Sample Answer:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to nominate Smita Singh for the employee of the year award for 2017. She has a proven track record and her contribution deserves special recognition.

Smita has been working as an education consultant in our organisation for 5 years. She is appointed in the head office, Dehradun. Her day to day responsibilities are manifold. These include consulting with parents and students about the courses offered by foreign colleges and universities, contacting colleges/universities and arranging admission offer letters for students, filling in their visa application forms and constant follow up with the authorities in embassies. I would like to emphasize that she manages all these tasks on her own.

I believe that she should be the best employee of this year because she is an enthusiastic, dynamic, and well-organized person. She not only manages to reach our set targets but exceeds them by a considerable amount. Her pleasing personality, intellectual honesty and smooth manners create a very positive atmosphere in our office. In fact, her professional attitude has inspired her colleagues to follow her footsteps.

I hope that you consider Smita for this prestigious award for her outstanding efforts in the growth and development of our firm.

Yours sincerely
Divakar Bhanu


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