IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Media and News

Times have changed and well they have changed dramatically! We are in an era where the world is always aware of everything around. The media has become stronger than ever and news is everyone’s favourite. Because, gone are the days when only the World War made news, in present times, even the birth of a celebrity’s child is considered a big news. We are now looking at the recent questions asked in the IELTS speaking section related to media and news.

Why do you think people often do not share a good news with other people?

I believe the world has changed faster in the few past decades than it has ever in centuries. The world has become competitive to an edge where everyone is bothered about being the best. In this world of the rat race, people have started taking each other as mere competitors. In my opinion, it could be one of the reasons people do not share the good news. Other than this, everyone has become quite isolated and has lost the quality of satisfaction. Getting one thing always opens up doors for something leaving no time to share it with others.

How has the social media changed the way we share the news with other people?

Social media has had a huge impact on the way the world functions. We have surely moved from days when people shared news through regions and then letters. We have even grown apart from calling each other. It is all about now, sharing news on WhatsApp or Facebook. The twitteratis tweet about it and some others share videos online! From having intimate conversations, we now prefer sharing things to a group of people. Apart from the personal news, even the world or international news, people often read about them in their social media news feeds.

Is there any recent international news you felt was indeed good to hear?

Recently, I was surfing the internet and was really worried because I could not find any good news. I wanted to hear something really good. In the middle of searching, I came across a news where the ISIS had brutally destroyed a church in Iraq while ruling there. When the Muslims of this state came to know about it all the able-bodied men and women came together to build the church. The reason I really liked it is because it proves that no matter how many times we are told the differences of the religions, in the heart of the common man, we all are one.

How important is it to know the world news?

I believe it is crucial to know both the world and national news. Knowing news gives you the ability to question actions and things happening. A person might not be able to relate to the decision taken by his or her country without the awareness of the international ongoings. Not only this, a person who reads news also develops the ability to hold a conversation.


IELTS 2017 Speaking Question # Politeness

Politeness: According to Google, politeness is a behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people. In earlier times, people communicated with each other with utter politeness, however, some people believe that in recent times, people have forgotten this trait. This time let us have a look at some questions asked in the recent IELTS speaking test on this quality trait!

Do you think you are a polite person?

I would assume myself to be considerably polite when interacting with the outer circle of people. So, presumably, I would talk nicely and try to do small talk with new people. However, once they come into the inner circle of friends, the people I care off more than other, I would say there is less of politeness to be found when talking with them. It becomes quite easier for me to show the true emotions lying beneath.

From whom did you learnt the art of politeness when you were a child?

The credit of the little politeness that I do have, goes to my mother. She has been for all of us the epitome of this quality! No matter who comes to the doors of our house, he or she is always treated equally. Rarely, do I find her losing her cool? She remains poised even in times when most of us lose it and no matter with what mistake one goes to her, she always has a beautiful way of interacting, which I really like.

How important is politeness for you?

Over a period of time, I do have realised that a certain degree of politeness is important for me. It does pinch a bit when someone talks harshly to me. With the closer group, one does not feel it much because you are communicating on the same level. But, with others, in my opinion, a certain level of respect and courtesy is expected.

How has politeness changed over time?

People have definitely become more vocal, in my opinion. It could probably because we have become more globalised or because we have found a flair for passion. There is more of individuality coming into existence and people have loosened the ties with others. So, if a child believes in his or her dreams or opinions, they are more confident to fight against even the forces of love, like parents. Earlier, it was assumed whatever the parents thought off is correct. So, there was no question of conflict.