IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Watches

The world has advanced and every gadget that we used earlier has now come to fit in our pockets. From watch to the media players, camera, and almost everything. This time we are looking at one such gadget which used to part of our daily lives and how to people use it now.

Did you wear a watch when you were a child?

I don’t clearly remember wearing a watch while growing up on daily basis. However, whenever those fancy watches used to come around, I have always tried them. Sadly they did not work out for a long time, but it was always fun to have them. But, as I reached by Intermediate College I did start wearing watches on a regular basis.

Do you think children should wear a watch? Why/Why not?

In my opinion, a child should wear a watch because it teaches the importance of time. Since it is ticking almost everytime on your hand, one subconsciously becomes aware of time passing by and understands the importance of it.

Can you think of one reason why some people like to wear expensive watches?

One of the main reason could be that they themselves are rich, so surely one would like to go for expensive things in their bucket! Most of the people do it as a reward for achieving something… There are many who take them in a traditional way. So, a watch is something that passes on to generations. Having an expensive one adds on to it. Even some people go for the handmade watches. Well, few do it to save the handcraft others do it because it is more personalised and so more close to heart.

How do you travel from your home to work? How long does the journey normally takes?

I am a pedestrian so I commute by walking from home to work. Well, it is also because my office is very close to my house so using anything else does not make sense. Mostly I go with my friend to the office and the journey is all about talking things here and there.

What do you usually do while travelling?

I love taking pictures so whenever I travel, I am mostly taking pictures and listening to music. If it is a road trip to a place I prefer collecting the local stuff that symbolises the importance of the place.


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