IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions #Celebrate birthday

IELTS is conducted almost every day and there is no dearth of topics on which questions can be asked in IELTS speaking section. This time we are looking at a recent question set.

How do you celebrate your birthday now?

Celebrations have changed over a period of time and the way I celebrate it now is very different from earlier. Now, birthday celebrations are more of surprises. Sometimes my friends come over and surprise in a certain, sometimes the other way. Earlier, it used be a planned celebration at house, now it is mostly travelling on that day, going out with friends to discover new horizons. The celebrations have changed but the fact that it is celebrated with the loved ones still remains the same.

How were the birthdays celebrated when you were a child?

As a child, I used to have those fancy celebrations where my mother would take care of almost everything. Arranging party, the guest list and so much more. For me birthdays were all about enjoying with my friends and eating cake, the one my father was responsible for.

Do you think celebrating birthdays is important?

I think celebrations are surely an important part of our lives and birthdays are something we must surely celebrate. However, in my opinion, celebrating does not always means spending money on parties. I remember a friend of mine, on his birthday he would give gifts to the poor. It was amazing of reminding yourself that your presence does make people happy.

In your country, which is the most celebrated birthday?

In our country, birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru is the most celebrated birthday. On his birthday, the entire country celebrates, Children day because he loved children. Lovingly called ‘Chacha Nehru’ which means Uncle Nehru by the kids, Jawaharlal Nehru gave emphasis to the significance of giving love and affection to children, who are the bright future of India. On this day, most schools have fest for the students and other cultural events all over.