IELTS Speaking Part I Questions # Visiting Home

Human is a social animal and likes to mingle with people. There are a lot of friends and acquaintances that we make and do visit their homes in the tenure of relationships that we form. This time we are looking into some Part I questions related to visiting homes of our loved ones.

Do you often invite friends to visit your home?

I am a working professional and the few friends that I do have in the city, the invitation is never very formal for the friends that I have. It is more like having a common interest and doing it at either of the places. Inviting friends to come visit home is not a common thing that I do, more often because we stay together for the most part in the office.

Do you like visitors coming to your home?

I do love people coming to my home and meeting but only to an extent where I don’t find any hindrance in my daily routine. For example, someone coming at 6’o clock in the morning could be sometimes irritating especially when done regularly. Also, there are few people who are close to my heart, I don’t bother much about their coming and visiting often, but I prefer fewer acquaintances visiting home.

How often do visitors come to your home?

Well, most of the friends that I have made are men and the place where I am presently living does not allow men in the house. So, we don’t have much of visitors in the house. But, yes sometimes when it is a special occasion people do come in and we celebrate together.

Do you prefer to have friends visit you or relatives?

I like friends more because there is a comfort zone with friends that I do not find in relatives. Friends know us more and there is nothing to pretend. With relatives, there are basic etiquettes to be maintained and be the host. With friends it is more like, it is their home as well, so less of formalities. However, with anyone visiting it is always a change, something I do prefer.

What do you usually do together with your visitors?

Most of the times we go out travel and explore the city. I remember, last time when a friend of mine came to visit me, we went to Konark temple and had lots of fun there. Other times, we sit down at home only, cook good food and spend quality time. So, it is mostly a mix bag of both, travelling and laying back.

When someone visits you, how do you show hospitality?

It depends on the time till they have come. If it is the small visit of few hours, I usually ensure they get to eat good and have a good time, talking together. But, if they are staying back for few days, I ensure they get good food and nice sleep. More importantly, make sure they do get to visit the place I am living in. I ensure they don’t have a problem commuting in the city and take back home some memories to cherish.