Why Prefer Singapore?

Singapore has become one of the most preferred Asian country to study MBA. Check out here for the reasons to the question, “Why prefer Singapore”

Global And Multicultural Exposure
With about 80,000 international students Singapore is truly becoming a miniature world of its own kind. In NUS, alone 91% of the students are international students. With so many students from different cultural backgrounds and diverse nationalities, it becomes really exciting to study in Singapore. You actually end up polishing your personality, get to know about yourself from a completely different perspective and enjoy the diversity. Even more the exchange programs, international study trips being part of the curricula makes learning all the more exciting.
Best Student City
Singapore is one of the world’s best student cities, according to QS Best Student Cities 2015. The low crime rate, high standard of living, diverse student community and being voted as one of the happiest countries makes studying in Singapore a rich experience.
Great Career Prospects
As per the policies of government funded institutions it is mandatory for MBA abroad aspirants to stay and work in Singapore for three years upon completion of the graduation. This actually acts as a bonus because you have the opportunity to work in Singapore immediately after completing the MBA. Even more job opportunities in Singapore are more than any other Asian country and the employers always look for international candidates to globalize their work force.

While deciding country for the study abroad, remember it doesn’t matter how good the country is, what matters is how well it fits into your idea of success.


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