IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Career Choice

The first section of IELTS speaking is all about yourself. This makes it the easiest of all the sections. There have been so many times we have talked about questions related to career or your job that could be asked in the IELTS speaking part I. This time we bring to you the latest questions that were asked in speaking section related to job/career. Notice, the difference in the pattern of questions asked.

Are you a student or are you working?

I am working for an organisation presently which offers IT services to other companies. My work requires writing codes that help in analysing data and creating trends. We are constantly dealing with the changing data and handling it, making the applications user friendly and our job easier as well.

I am currently studying English Literature  in Jadavpur University, Calcutta. It is truly one of the best and has helped me in understanding the language in a better way. The faculties are fantastic and I have truly gained so much from this experience.

In case you answer you are at a job –

What is your current job?

I am helping an organisation provide IT services to other companies. We work on data provided by our clients and help them understand the trend of the data. This helps them in making better decisions for their business allowing it to grow at a faster pace.

How do you feel about the job?

Most people look for their career growth in the job, but I am learning how to work right now. How do business deals happen, what are the factors that cause failure and understanding the psychology of people. And my job helps me a lot in this because it requires me to interact with other people. People who change their opinions and with that we have to change quickly. If we talk about work, it is not something I love to do but then learning how to make things happen, I think it will help in later in life.

Are you planning to change the job in future?

Definitely yes. I am constantly looking for my true expression and would love to do that. Like, Oprah did what was her truest expression and I want that for myself as well.

In case you answer you are a student –

Which course are you studying?

I am studying English Literature. So, our syllabus is all about reading the literature of great women and men from all over the world. For first two years, we read books by great authors. Then, we had a semester of writing. So, we wrote a lot, on different topics and themes. This semester we are working on slogans and reports and making documentaries. After this, I have two more semesters to go.

Do you like the course?

I love the course. As a kid, I always was fond of English literature and when everyone was bothered about getting marks, it was a subject I studied for pure fun. So, doing a major in English is like having a paid vacation.

What do you wish to do with the education that you gained?

I have always loved English and Math. I am not exactly sure as to what I would love to do with the education that I have now on English and Math but certainly a mixture of both is something I am looking forward to. So, an opportunity where I can use my communication skills, my math knowledge and the English writing is what I am looking for. I don’t want to fit into a box of certain ideas, I would prefer being in a box but the one that I made.


Why Prefer Singapore?

Singapore has become one of the most preferred Asian country to study MBA. Check out here for the reasons to the question, “Why prefer Singapore”

Global And Multicultural Exposure
With about 80,000 international students Singapore is truly becoming a miniature world of its own kind. In NUS, alone 91% of the students are international students. With so many students from different cultural backgrounds and diverse nationalities, it becomes really exciting to study in Singapore. You actually end up polishing your personality, get to know about yourself from a completely different perspective and enjoy the diversity. Even more the exchange programs, international study trips being part of the curricula makes learning all the more exciting.
Best Student City
Singapore is one of the world’s best student cities, according to QS Best Student Cities 2015. The low crime rate, high standard of living, diverse student community and being voted as one of the happiest countries makes studying in Singapore a rich experience.
Great Career Prospects
As per the policies of government funded institutions it is mandatory for MBA abroad aspirants to stay and work in Singapore for three years upon completion of the graduation. This actually acts as a bonus because you have the opportunity to work in Singapore immediately after completing the MBA. Even more job opportunities in Singapore are more than any other Asian country and the employers always look for international candidates to globalize their work force.

While deciding country for the study abroad, remember it doesn’t matter how good the country is, what matters is how well it fits into your idea of success.


Becoming Entrepreneur

There are many of you who want to change the world and are stuck by the thought as to which course will help you in doing so. Although there could be many, there is this one course that is quite fascinating and seems to hit the arrow at the right place.

M.A in Global Entrepreneurship

What is the course all about?
The world need entrepreneurs and the course is designed to help in the development of some existing entrepreneurs. The main aim of this course is to equip the students with the right skills , knowledge and experience to start and maintain their own, unique and globally competitive business. Although yes, there are many other entrepreneur programs but the M.A in global entrepreneurship program goes beyond the training, and exposes the students into the real life issues.
The students are engaged into live debates across a broad spectrum of the modules pertaining to the entrepreneurial development.

What are the course requirements?
Every university has its own requirements. But, in general, work experience of minimum two years is required. Apart from this, most of the universities demand a IELTS score of 6.5 or above to get into the course.

So, if you think that you have the entrepreneur skills, if you think that you have the idea that can change the world, don’t wait for the right time, figure out more about the universities providing the course and the profile required. Remember, success is just a matter of right planning.

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Learn Email Expressions

Email has become one of the most commonly used way of communicating in the formal world. And in this era of emailing, it is very important that you email well. Not in a way, that you send good stuff, but is very important that you send good work in a formal way. Given below are some of the email expressions that are used in formal email writing.
1. Please find attached-: Attachment is an added computer file. It could be an image or a document or anything. So, if you are sending something extra use the expression. For example-: Please find attached my resume/photos.
2. I’ve forwarded ________to you
I am forwarding ___you.
Forward is a resend email i.e. for example, someone sent you an email and you really find it worthwhile. So, you send it to someone else. Use this expression, in this case.
3. I’ve cc’d/cc’ed/copied ____ on this email.
Sometimes, may be you written an email and you want to get it checked. I have cc’d umar on this email. When you cc someone, it means that email is not intended for them. You are adding them to keep them in the loop. You want them to know what is going on.
4. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me-: It is a good way to end an email.
5. I look forward to hearing/meeting from you. You can even say I look forward to your reply.
6. Ways to sign off-: Regards/ kind regards/ warm wishes/ yours truly. These are some of the ways you can end your email, although there are many others as well.
Practice the above expressions. Write your email well and remember, sometimes your career depends on how well you send an email.

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